Making a rear Land Rover door fit better

Making a rear Land Rover door fit better

Special tools, stickers and old stock parts!

Your support is appreciated!

If you have a Defender/Tdi problem and do not know how to fix it, drop me a line!
Maybe I can help!?

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tevaughnalleyne says:

Life saver !

Doug Fields says:

Bloody Nora are all defender doors that flimsy?.

Eliot Heasman says:

Very good and very quick

sol antar says:

my door has dropped vertically as if the hinges are departing,looking at the door 3 meters out a gap at the top and its sitting on the floor.

sol antar says:

my 110 rear door is reating on the bottom as when on a trip to Cape york,18 years ago, the roads are great now but then a 900km streach very bad roads did not see a pothole rear right droped into after that the door was not the same i think its bent un sure how to get it back to where is was.


forgot to say. I have put an hairnet in the post.


Hi Mike!!!! I can hear every word of wisdom uttered. Lucky me. Good luck from Yorkshire Rob. (UK)

Who's a good Dogue says:

Oo-eck. All that flexing of the door…..I was sorta waiting for the glass to shatter! I would be too scared to do that, and would opt to remove the wheel and bonnet mount it, or stick it on a safari rack. Many years ago I reversed a brand new (1987) Defender 90 a bit too far back (with the spare on the door) – it just nudged the wall behind and didn't take much for the rear glass to give up. So, how the 'eck can you manage to yank and twist that frame wi'oot the clear see-through bit going ''bang''? Impressive! Hope yer doing alright. Keep on keeping on. Dawg.

Damien Taylor says:

This has got to be up there in my YouTube Top 10. From somebody who has just bought his first Defender 90, I absolutely love this video. Instant Subscribe. What a great channel.

Damiano Colla says:

Cant hear a thing on my smartphone.

Marijn Neet says:

Hello Mike, we can’t hear you!

Nick Boylen says:

I don’t think that 110 should be on the road with a door that compromised – it’s not only unsafe for occupants but also for other vehicles; that spare wheel could come off with its mountings and hit another vehicle or pedestrian with serious consequences. I’d replace the door urgently, and while I appreciate the parts supply issue in Canada, especially right now, the wheel should at least be removed immediately to reduce the likelihood of the door collapsing and mitigate the effects if it does.

K Stewart says:

Seems to be a problem with the video sound – hardly hear you.

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