Installing A Stupid Cheap Muffler On A 1,000 HP Lamborghini (Is Actually A HORRIBLE Idea)

Installing A Stupid Cheap Muffler On A 1,000 HP Lamborghini (Is Actually A HORRIBLE Idea)

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Today I try to fit a very cheap glasspack muffler on my already cheap Lamborghini’s homemade turbo kit. The key word is “try.”

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smallengineperson 14 says:

Your killing so much HP with the exhuast making them really tight bends right out of the turbo ! A better way to route the exhuast is to take the pipe from the right turbo and run it straight out and under the left turbo out the left side of the car and same idea for the left turbo going under right turbo and out the right side of the car

George G says:

So clickbaitey. Use cheap mufflers for clickbait title, don’t even use them. Nice dude.


I'm sure if the car needs the air filter replaced, Tavarish will make a 30 minute video on how to use a couple hyundai accent air filters from walmart to make it work. He's butchering this Lambo !

Ralph Menta says:

I really like the videos but you need to change the camera filter. Other than that, its all good. A LOT of people dont understand his process thru some of the videos. People are always saying that he is an idiot, moron, cheapskate, etc… But they fail to realize that he "dumbs down" a lot of stuff. He actually is pretty educated and knows what he is doing. He is creating videos that everyone can watch, even non-car people, or mechanically challenged. When he asks questions, 99% of the time, he already knows the answer, or the right way to do it. He is just trying to include everyone, and give everyone a chance to chime in. He didnt get to where he is by luck, or being an "idiot"…………

Lewaaolislam Ghanem says:

Like it bro

ado7e says:

@Tavarish consider some kind of heat shield between exhaust after the turbo and the turbo (maybe wrap it ?) . IF you'll abuse the car, Exhaust will get hot and probably will transfer the temperature to the cold side of the turbine which is not thing you'd want to happen 🙂

Doug Reed says:

No big loss on losing the glass-packs–they have surprisingly high back-pressure for a straight-through muffler. If you want low back-pressure on the cheap, run turbo mufflers. They're halfway decent at quieting exhaust to boot.

Attila Morvai says:

A huge shout out the the Jedi Master!! You know, when you work with some one you doesnt talk to much, he knows his shit!!

uBestBeJ3LLy L says:

Have Tony start a Channel!!!!!!!! 🙂

Trey Camp says:

Have you actually cranked/turned over the engine yet?

emwa3d says:

Do the Jedi have YouTube channel?

brandon mcallister says:

two n1 mufflers baby

Mario M says:

100% diy if you are a master welder.

Bro Tang says:

just wondering if you just had those 180 bends available and that's why you used them? if not why not just cross 2 straighter pipes over so left to right and right to left and out. its your car….I'm just asking….if I was there I'd a asked pre fab lol

Brian From Zircon Security says:

Just Fab up an aluminum resovoir instead of repurposing that plastic tank.

biker 33 says:

Did you think about the heat expansion of the exhaustsystem and the turbo? That in mind i would mount the turbos a very little flexible …maybe with a short flexpipe before the turbo andor give each turbo an exhaust that is not connected to the other. there shouldnt be any pull or pressure on the expanding materials, so you avoid cracks and vibrations.

Nick Bowling says:

They do make stainless versions of the glass packs which would go better on this car

jeremiah stokes says:

I like it more

Ruhan Khan says:

Yes noooo cherry booomb

ThisisMy Username says:

More live streams and less videos from this series per week?
Not a fan

Jmuney22Trike says:

come on man….. great videos honestly….. but emediatly contradicting the first part of the video with the second part is kinda weird and lame. th magic of editing could be well used here. other than that your pretty awsome. that lambo is gona totaly kill shit. altho i hate the name they gave that model "spider" that soooo not like lamborgini to use such a shit name just because its a convertable

thesniperofcs says:

My thumb up number is 9400 exactly, the number before me is 9399

Robert Jensen says:

I have to ask again if crossing the exhaust pipes using S-Curves instead of the 180* bend would work out better for you as far as gas flow, and saving space? You might even have room for the Cherry Bomb that way.

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