How to Fix Death Wobble Jeep / Ford / Ram

How to Fix Death Wobble Jeep / Ford / Ram

In Todays Videos We fix the 2001 jeep Cherokee with Death Wobble, Lets get to work!
Parts Used:
Dorman 520-337 Suspension Control Arm
Dorman 521-107 Suspension Control Arm
MOOG K3128 Control Arm Bushing
ACDelco 46B1099A Advantage Front Suspension Track Bar
Moog K3176 Track Bar Bushing

Tools Used:
Balljoint Press
Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Fuel High Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench 3612
Milwaukee Electric Tools 2557-20 M12 Fuel 3/8″ RATCHET

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Video Recorded With
4k Hd Camera Panasonic g7
4k Hd Vlog Camera Sony RX100 Vii
1080p Action Camera Hero 7 Black

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Quintus Aurelius Symmachus says:

Are the control arms left and right sided? Or is it the exact same on either side just with the bushing facing the opposite direction?


Hey there thanks for your video you just saved me a bunch of time
Thanks again

MyMusic Account1 says:

I honestly didn't even know 2wd Cherokee was a thing.

CO_NYG56 says:

Really appreciate your honesty and video proof of fixing the obvious wobble. I just wish it was easier to find American-made, quality control arms. Seems everything listed on Amazon is made in China. No thank you! We have the same Jeep, so you'll become a favorite for these kinds of tasks. Thanks for your efforts. (BTW, what do you have in the radio slot? Looks like a digital screen. I'm interested in an upgrade to stock radio. Thanks.)

TheGalebert says:

Dude it a 15 minute fix get to it next time

Vince M says:

This man really opened his video by one handing a death wobble while filming and talking…

vincent bryan says:

I like how you’re laughing. When I’m trying to fix mine I’m so embarrassed everyone staring at me driving away from me. I got my head down like fuckkk


hay man you are driving on the rong side of the road , gd vidio

Cameron Hoover says:

Well this makes me think the control arms on my jku are my culprit because ive literally replaced everything else

TheTerminator2298 says:

Story, I had a 1996 Dodge Ram 2500 and it had 240k on it. Drove fine until I heard a clunk in the front end and my steering wheel shook so hard it rippes my hands off of it. I breaked thinking it would help and made it shake almost twice as fast until I came to a stop. Took back off after panicing a bit, and the death wobbles left me alone for a few days

Ricky Resendiz says:

What are the specs on the wheels

kali831831 says:

I own an xj and also lifted it it was stock, after the lift by the way a 6" lift I had a death wobble after all my you tube extensive research I came to the conclusion in was my alignment sure enough after I aligned it it fixed the issue to be honest I left my stock track bar for the time being but what I did while my new track bar came I drilled new holes on the track bar bracket about 1" to the right of the original hole and no death wobble but I did install upper and lower adjustable control arms

Robert Cline says:

Chrysler/Jeep and Dodge are notorious for putting garbage ball joints in from the factory. I replaced stock with Spicer heavy duty ones on a 97 TJ and an 07 ram 4×4. Then installed Bilstein 5100 series tuned shocks. Fixed it! The TJ had a 4" lift the RAM was stock, Both only had 40-50k miles on them. They didn't have the link issues identified in this video.

Destiny Edwards says:

Why does this Jeep not have a steering stabilizer that's why it's death wobble usually it's bc the steering shock is worn out but guess 2wd jeeps don't have one at all or it was taken of and never replaced I had to put a dual stabilizer from rough country and I put 33/12.50/R15 and does great no wobble even when hitting big holes in these SC roads

you triggered there cheesecake says:

BRO LOL you took that orange crowbar to the ahole like a champ I would have passed out

xUnKnOwNx says:

i have a very very bad death wobble in my 99 xj problem and it showed up after replacing the front axle with a junk yard axle so im in the process of changing the upper control bushings but i have aftermarket control arms that doent have normal bushings so imma change those hopefully it fixes thanks for the video

Keith Alan says:

It won't last long. Ball joints will need to be changed. That is the true reason for death wobble. I say this not only because I've worked on 3 wranglers, (2 tjs, 1 jk) but because many people in my club as well as many I've been wheeling with have taken my advice and have had long term success.

Christine Webb says:

Here did you find the front and rear off road bumpers for you WK? I own a 2005 that I’m building for overlanding and I’m having trouble find bumpers for this vehicle . Any info you could provide would be very appreciated!

Chuck Stark says:

Laughing hysterically over "death wobble"? Yikes.

War Webdjilissina says:

This guy filming himself while driving, how is that not incriminating yourself? Is it legal to drive while on your phone there?

Keenon Wilkerson says:

What brand were the control arms you bought?

William Page says:

I spent a small fortune repairing front end end, cam shaft replacements, and rear seal, and ABS system repaired all just after the warrantee expired. now 2014 Rubicon has become a parts car. I can tell you if you've lost your ass on your jeep JK purchase, you can recoup of quite a bit $$ by parting it out. Lot of folk out there throw good money after bad.

John Dodson says:

Mine was a tire problem

matthew owens says:

How to fix death wobble: stop being a idiot and buy a chevy

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