How To Replace Fuel Filter On a Jaguar XJ40 XJ6

How To Replace Fuel Filter On a Jaguar XJ40 XJ6

Debris over time can clog up any filter. This causes the fuel pump to work harder and lead to breaking down. Check your owner’s manual to see when the fuel filter should be replace.
1988 – 1994 Jaguar XJ40 XJ6

REPAIR TIME: 20 Minutes

1. Fuel Filter

1. 3/8 Ratchet
2. 17mm Socket
3. Vise Grip
4. 19mm wrench
5. Disposable Gloves
6. Shop Towels
7. Drain Pan
8. Floor Jack & Stands

1. Difficult to start – Fuel filter blockage
2. No start – Unable to draw fuel
3. Engine Shaking while idling – Dirty filter


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Kenneth says:

That's why i love these XJ40 cars because there are so many parts that the DIYer can change without any major hassle. I miss the days when fuel filters were so easily accessable. XJ Jesse's video production is on the rise as his camera angles and views of the component are so much better. Anyone can follow his instructions to do this work themselves. I love this channel!! Smiles.

Mitch Grooms says:

Your vids are so incredible, great editing, sound, shots.. keep it going.. Have you seen my new Parts CarJaguar car vide on my channel? I would love your thoughts. Only 2 parts so far in the series..

Biggles says:

As a UK viewer it's quite strange seeing the underside of an old XJ40 without galloping rot! It can be quite horrible working underneath old Jags over here in the UK.

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