How To Replace a Water Pump and Save $783

How To Replace a Water Pump and Save $783

Water pump replacement DIY. Learn how to replace a water pump at home using common hand tools. I was able to easily replace this water pump in under an hour and saved $783.

Replacing the water pump on many cars is not difficult and this is a perfect example of an easy to replace water pump. You could do this entire job without any special tools and I spent under $60 in parts which is unbelievable after getting the $843 quote from the Jaguar dealership. I will also do a video on a more difficult water pump so you can see what is involved in that as well.

Thanks PEAK for the coolant product placement in this video!

My first every water pump replacement:
How to Replace a Radiator:
How to Flush Coolant:–5ft5YiHg
Water Pump:
Spill Free Funnel:
Torque Wrench:
Plastic Gasket Scraper:
Paint Marker:
Waterpump RTV:
Scouring Pad:

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ChrisFix says:

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The Dream Car video is coming but because it is a very special video for me, I want to make sure it is amazing, so it is taking a little longer than I thought to film and edit (you will see why when it comes out). In the meantime, I filmed and edited this water pump video to bridge the gap. I actually edited this video during my 2 week long road trip where I had meet-ups for you guys in Cincinnati, Indy, and Chicago! As always thank you for the support and stay tuneeeeeed!
P.S. Here is a link to the first every DIY video I did on my channel to help people:

Louie Marvellino says:

can you start working on the driftstang now please?

Prabhakaran tharun says:

Super ji car gas kit service video send

XThimothy Firzen says:

Hey chirsFix use shortcut video editor it's good

Eli Kunkel says:

Either you didn't paint marker it or you forgot one of the bottom left bolts on your water pump.

Officer Randy says:

@chrisfix you might wat to change channel link (PaintballOO7)

Mateo Quiroz says:

I came specifically to hear Chris say wooder a bunch of times.

Scoobs Shrooms says:

Where’s the mustang?

Jaxson Zeis says:

Is it just me or did he miss a bolt on the pump. There as one that didn’t have the paint on it and it also wasn’t torqued down

Aaron Gutierrez says:

Come to Arizona!!!!!

GiJokers says:

Hey Chris can u reconsider redoing ur tint video please, I'd love to see a more explained and in depth video

Steven Herrera says:

What about your dream car?

Zaki_a350 says:

How about a turbo or supercharger installation video

Jeremy Whitfield says:

Wouldn't your coolant reservoir be 100% full using that no spill funnel? Also wouldn't the coolant reservoir be the highest part on the coolant system anyways?

I would have just filled the reservoir, left the cap off, and watched the coolant level while the car burps.

GreenPlanet669 #2 says:

why does it cost $843 just for a simple job? i dont even understand people anymore!

Shad Lynch says:

Hey chris I have a huge question about my car. My RPMS are jumping all the way to 6,000 or 5,000 and my car sounds like its skipping gears, driving in neutral or about to blow up while going about 10- 15 miles per hour. Thought it was low transmission fluid from an incident from awhile ago, put in tranny fluid and still has the problem. I have a few ideas about whats wrong with it like the coil caps, spark plugs, distributor, and few others. Im still new at working on cars but before i went and spent a bunch of money on guessing on what the exact problem is. I was wondering if youve came across something like this and had a more narrow thought on what could be wrong?
My car is a
2004 Chevy classic or malibu with a 2.2 eco tech engine. Ive sent my car to the shop and they gave it back with this problem. Ive already spent alot of money on this car and would like some advice before I take any other steps.
Please get back to this, it would be much appreciated, Im a HUGE FAN and Id love the feed back.

Sir Podgy says:

Where do you get your tools? (Including the water pump)

Benson says:

Scammer mechanics hate chris fix

Surgit says:

i wonder how much medium stregth threadlocker was used by chris


Where is the new car???!!!???

Ethan Carter says:

@chrisfix my aunt is having kidney failure and you help me keep my Mind off of it with your videos thank you

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What size wrench?

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