Infiniti Q50 Sequential Mirror Turn Signal Upgrade DIY

Infiniti Q50 Sequential Mirror Turn Signal Upgrade DIY

In this video we upgrade the stock side mirror indictors to LED sequential turn signals with DRL functionality. They have a white appearance when running in DRL mode and come with built in puddle lights to help illuminate the side of your car.

The turn signals also feature a smoked chrome look to blend into the black mirror caps. They look pretty clean and are a nice upgrade for your Infiniti.

In this video we show you the full install including wiring up the DRL and puddle light functionality.

Here is a link to the exact lights purchased:

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We also used some Posi Tap connectors in this video which you can purchase here:

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Jesse Morales says:

I’m confused about the green and black wire, i want sequentials, so what should i do ?

Adolfo Garcia says:

Thanks guys I really appreciate your time effort. I finally did install my as well today . Thank you

MercifulViper says:

Do the drls on the mirror stay on at night when driving with headlights on?

Toscano says:

Does it go the exact same way on the q60? Or do is there a slight difference

Macturbo1z says:

Is that Hussain at 12:02 ??

Melvin Davis says:

Can you drive with the DRL,s on at night in California

Sean Cole says:

that's alot of work I think

Jessie Guiste says:

Trust me. I’ll be okay with 10 mins. All I need.

Isaías LiveMúsica says:

Good video ? …question
I got sequential paddle Led's for my Ram 1500 , I pluged them in , but they don't blink the way they should , The only thing I did is replace the connectors ( old ones were rusted ) … I have no idea whats going on …
I posted a video … any idea mate ?

Juan Carlos says:

Can you install this on my Q50?

Sonya Bridgewater says:

Can you show how to install on a Q70 passenger side?

flipmode00 squad says:

Is it possible to upgrade the g37 mirror to the q50 mirrors as an upgrade?

Matthew Gonsalves says:

Does the light stay on ? Or does it shut off when you turn the lights ofd

Robert Delgado says:

Didn't show hazard lights?

Will C says:

Not everyone has the hole in the leather inside the handle. Try using a small Allen wrench to slide along the side and pull from below.

Will C says:

Wish he did an install video for the front bumper sequentials. Camera work was much better than some of the other install videos.

DSkatez says:

Did you tape into the red one for the DRL? In the video it looks like you tapped into two wires but not the red

Jay Jay says:

Question for you guys, I whenever I connect my driving light wire my puddle light goes out then I'm left with no light, no drl no puddle, but if I remove drl my puddle stays on, do u know what could be causing that? I have it connected where it would be on all the time q50s… Driver side is working fine but the pass side is acting up… No drl, only puddle, connect drl then my puddle goes out leaving me with no light

Raw Bert says:

Where did you get the puddle lights from?

Rosalie Giannone says:

How did u get the yellow fogs? Do you have a link ?!?

DSkatez says:

is that t taps they gave you ?

Gihlbert C says:

Looks like the M4 competition rear tail lights

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