How to replace change Headlight bulb in Hyundai Tucson 05-09

How to replace change Headlight bulb in Hyundai Tucson 05-09

Hi, quick video on how to remove replace change headlight bulb in 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Hyundai Tucson.



acidj4zz says:

Thanks man. Just did mine. Super easy thanks to this!

ChillerKane says:

Thank you for the video. I just achieved my goal of changing both front headlights of my wifes car. First thing I did was watch your vid. It was quite easy. I did chuckle at reinstall issue tho. Thanks again Sir.

Zav Jak says:

thanks so much! I have the exact same vehicle so this helped me immensely

Alvin L. says:

dude how to replace the turn signal light.

alfred smalley says:

Thank you for that video excellent video! 4 All who watched this video he had a problem putting it back in only because he forgot to pick up the support clip first. No problem putting it in.

Ivin Dest says:

It is much more easy to take off the whole light. It holds only on two screws . You remove the screws and you puch up the light forward. You have to disconect the cables before off course. Than you will have an acces to everything especialy to the metalic clip which has a tendecy to jump and fly while removing.

Chipper says:

Thank you sir!

The Kyle says:

WOW that helped so much, thank you!

nanocorde says:

Thanks dude !!

TheGuide says:

Do you have a video for the front turning signal?

Ulf Klarström says:

I had been procrastinating this for soo long. Finally decided to ask youtube for help. Found this, tried it. Worked. THANK YOU!

Crickett Haley says:

So I did what you said and I have to ask… is this for high beams? Because when I turn the switch thing to low beam it doesn’t work, only for high beam

R Russell says:

thanks you so much I just need the last part of the video

Modighen says:

The first time years ago, I unscrewed the retaining clip. Thanks for saving me fifteen to twenty minutes. Made quite a difference considering it was just above freezing.

gargoyleb says:

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Replaced both lights in under 10 minutes. Your video was a great help.

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