How to Replace a Starter on a Hyundai Accent & Kia Rio by @GettinJunkDone

How to Replace a Starter on a Hyundai Accent & Kia Rio by @GettinJunkDone

Starter for Automatic Transmission:

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Lusac says:

How can you not have over a million views. This was AWESOME EDITING. The content is exactly what was needed. I’m going to post on Facebook. You need more views!

Kyle Johnston says:

Great video, thanks! I cracked up 3:30. I did this on a 2010 Hyundai Accent manual transmission. Some of the clips were a little different and I ended up taking off this 4 bolt bracket that was right in front of the starter. Also, my starter only had 2 electrical connections.

Andrew Sarangan says:

Thanks for the very helpful video. On the 2001 Kia Rio, the starter motor can only be taken out from below the car after removing the lower intake manifold bracket. There is no way to take it out from the top. Also, the starter has three bolts, two of them from the driver side, and one from the passenger side. I didn't have to remove the shift linkage and speedometer cable either.

John_Wayne_412 says:

need to find one for a manual. only 2 on youtube, both automatic.

hamish r says:

awesome video. very precise. .worked almost the same way on my hyundai. ..although mine had some cussing @#$%×$..but it went pretty well. .thanks

Erick Garcia says:

on this accent you are working on, is it annual or standard? Curious if it is the same on the shift linkage you mention that you have to remove. I will attempt replacing on a manual transmission.

R.J.'s workshop says:

Joe, good video, but how is a new starter going to improve your mpg?  Sorry, chessy I know, but it was just too good to pass up.

Annie Huynh says:

hey robs!! hope ur classes are awesome this semester!

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