How to Replace Rear Brakes 03-07 Honda Accord

How to Replace Rear Brakes 03-07 Honda Accord

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In the video, 1A Auto shows how to remove and replace rusty, noisy, pulsing rear brake rotors and pads. The video is applicable to 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, Honda Accord

🔧 List of tools used:
• Impact Screwdriver
• Phillips Head Screwdriver
• 12mm Wrench
• 14mm Wrench
• 12mm Socket
• 14mm Socket
• 21mm Socket
• Brake Caliper Hanger
• Brake Caliper Piston Rewind Cube Tool
• 1/2 Inch Breaker Bar
• Ratchet
• Socket Extensions
• Torque Wrench
• Brake Grease
• Brake Parts Cleaner
• Floor Jack
• Jack Stands
• Wire Brush

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George DaVall says:

What a great video, and a thorough and professional brake job! This lady knows her stuff! Anyone giving this a thumbs down, must just be leading a sad and lonely life! Thank You!

John Nelson says:

Excellent video. Very precise!

mushable13 says:

Absolutely awesome video, thank you very much =)

Cc Moore says:

What if your slider is seized?

comsunjava says:

Thanks for the detailed video. One thing that wasn't emphasized (at least for me) is that screwdriver used to remove the bolts holding the rotor to the hub should meet JIS requirements, if I'm not mistaken.

Drew Tube says:

What is the name of the tool with the four-way catch?

Reggy Baxter says:

Is it necessary to change the brake fluid out when doing this if the fluid looks degraded, having a slight brown hint in appearance? If so, an instructional video on how to do that along with a brake change procedure would be helpful.

Jason Mohlman says:

Awesome job on the video. Thanks for taking the time to do this and show us how to get it done right!

gilbert ochoa says:

awesome video. Thanks for all the details.

Adrian Zamora says:

Good video..where can i buy that special tool you pushed the piston?

Just A Guy says:

Thanks for the great video! And thanks for all of the tips you gave, I found them very helpful!

TJ L. says:

Good explanation, thank you.

Ali Farhani says:

Siphon out some brake oil from reservoir using turkey baster and leave reservoir cap loose while pushing piston in. It's cleaner and less chance of leaving air trap inside the line.

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