How to Replace Rear Brake Drum & Shoes 2001-2005 Honda Civic

How to Replace Rear Brake Drum & Shoes 2001-2005 Honda Civic

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This video shows you how to install rear drum brakes on your 2001-2005 Honda Civic. Even though they are an older technology, you still find drum brakes on the rear of many modern vehicles. Like disc brakes, the brake drum and shoes will wear down over time, requiring replacement.

This process should be similar on the following vehicles:
2001 Honda Civic
2002 Honda Civic
2003 Honda Civic
2004 Honda Civic
2005 Honda Civic

Tools you will need:
• 19mm Socket
• Pliers
• Anti-Seize Grease
• Brake Grease
• Brake Parts Cleaner
• Paper Towels
• Wire Brush


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@TRQ says:

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√ Do it Yourself

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@LJT9393 says:

Do you not need to open the lid on the master cylinder or do you want to keep that brake fluid pressure in the wheel cylinders?

@juanmojica2730 says:

My car would use 2 M8x20 pitch 1.25

@user-ou9kq3ok7t says:

For the first time I did myself… gracias amigo my friend

@amzanmohammed2425 says:

Dirty job. No brake cleaner

@rosendosalcedo7067 says:

What name is the tool went you push in the spring I need one

@jonrobinson6851 says:

I hate whoever invented drum brakes

@suz5733 says:

Exelent job, exelent video, thanks

@ichitensho7075 says:

thanks for the guide , gosh you made putting that long green one look easy, still trying to put it on haha i need that tool

@zachchristianson3345 says:

What thread bolts to pull drum off? Metric/standard. Pitch?

@Para-ni5lx says:


@vezina808 says:

What size bolts did you use to remove the drums?

@nationalgigugraphic says:


@westsideken says:

I've watched DOZENS of videos on how to repair/upgrade my Civic. This is one of, if not THE, best of them.

@user-ze8xj7rm7n says:

Nice video it really helped me change on mine. But my pedal after the change is spongy. I don't see any leaks, but am thinking I will need to do the air bleed. Di you videos on that?

@Random.Adventures. says:

Thanks and I'm guessing if cylinder pops out we just need to bleed that side correct?

@businessraptor127 says:

Ugh… when you clean rust from the contact points you should clean them to BARE METAL… Leaving rust under the grease will make it contine to rust and will eventually bind up and fail prematurely. This is why I do my own work. Techs cut to many corners like he did.. Also love the lack of the inner tie rod installation in the inner tie rod installation video. Top notch. If you choose to buy from these guys do not expect long part life..

@alexd4102 says:

12:02 does that piston look like its leaking brake fluid or is that normal

@roadcarver71 says:

Excellent video, thanks for this! Your video shows more of the detail how the parts mate together. The ebrake adjustment can be done more easily if you rotate the hub so the one of the bigger holes will be reveal the adjuster wheel.

@dolphsplash2563 says:

Could u tell me what screw u used to remove the brake drum..I don’t wave go buy a bunch of bolts

@mrgato6501 says:

What size are the shoes ?

@GD-xu3zz says:

I was trying to Find videos with more detail cause i was getting scared I Thought the rear brakes were gonna be the same as the front and made me panic that i wasn’t gonna be able to do it myself but Thank You So Much for the detailed and up close Video now it gave me some confidence that i can do this

@rastajay9758 says:

Wht type of grease was used.??

@falconthree3815 says:

What size are the bolts to pull the drum loose ?

@WOTSmallengines says:

What size bolts?

@DJJayVybezakaJavier says:

This work with 2006 Civic?

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