How to Replace Front Lower Ball Joint 06-11 Honda Civic

How to Replace Front Lower Ball Joint 06-11 Honda Civic
1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace loose, worn, or creaking ball joints. This video is applicable to the 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11 Honda Civic

🔨 List of Tools Used in this How-To Video:

• Pry Bar
• Complete Metric Wrench Set
• Complete Metric Socket Set
• Needle nose pliers
• 1/2 Inch Breaker Bar
• Ratchet
• Socket Extensions
• Torque Wrench
• Paper Towels
• Rust Penetrant
• Floor Jack
• Jack Stands

🔧 Instructions:

1. Removing the Wheel 0:20
2. Removing the Ball Joint 0:20
3. Installing the Ball Joint 5:18
4. Reattaching the Wheel 9:15

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Mario says:

If you notice this video gets paused before the new ball joint is installed. That is because it is nearly impossible to install using this method . At first this video gave me confidence but after changing it like this it was definitely very difficult without removing the knuckle

Eddie Syfy says:

I end up stripping the center nut 🙁 cant get it out now. Used 17 with a breaker bar.

Eddie Syfy says:

I cant get the boxwrench in its blocked by the axle. I used tbe open end of the wrench and its not very helpful.

Julius Jones says:

Just wondering if the si sedan is the same need new control arms and ball joints rehabbing front end. Thanks

David Morfin says:

Does the new ball joint not need to be pressed onto the knuckle?

Victor Gulevich says:

Very helpful and easy to do

Anthony Jurado says:

Forgot to add ball jount separater tool in the list.

camram says:

Is a front end alignment necessary after this job?.

Irvin Morales says:

My Honda keeps jerking to the left or right whenever I brake. Could this be the problem or is it the alignment?

Jim Brown says:

What is the make/model of the ball joint separator used here?

Omar Chisolm says:

good job guys

Marian Luc says:

Nicely that ball joint oem or aftermarket?

Sadque 74 says:

When we must change it ?

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