DIY Lift Kit and Off-Road Tires on Honda CRV Tow Car

DIY Lift Kit and Off-Road Tires on Honda CRV Tow Car

Installing All-Terrain Tires, DIY Lift Kit, and LED light bar on our 2004 Honda CRV. Transforming our family car into an off-road RV-towable buggy for the back country.

00:00 Why Off-Road with our 2004 Honda CRV All Wheel Drive
01:24 Install TOYO Open Country A/T III 225/75R15 Tires on 04 Honda CRV
02:59 DIY Install of HRG 1.5″ Lift Kit on 04 Honda CRV
10:44 LED Light Bar Installation on Luggage Rack
12:47 Before and After Lifted


PARTS/TOOLS MENTIONED IN VIDEO (includes Amazon affiliate links)
HRG Lift Kit for Honda CRV –
32″ LED Light Bar –
Bar Clamp Mount for LED Lightbar –
Roof/Luggage Rack –
Waterproof 12V Connectors –
Cordless Electric Ratchet –
Adustable Pro Heat Gun –
Jackery Explorer 1500 Portable Power Station –


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Hello, i just saw the lift and bigger tires on your crv. I just recently purchased a 2004 crv 4wd and was thinking of doing the same thing. I wanted to ask you a question since you had the bigger tires, the 1.5 lift kit and the adjustable lower control arm/bolts for while now, have you had any problems with the drive drain or cv joints or any other negative impact on the car? Thank you in advance.

Jake Pennington says:

Just got an 03 looking to do the same 1.5 lift. I didnt catch the tire size in the vid that you used. What size after the lift?

Muntii on Cars says:

2:53 this is so me when I do my DIY work.. Hot tea is must!!! haha

Benjamin Kitchen says:

want to do something similar with a 1st gen Hyundai Tucson

Marcin Of The Nuclear Village says:

I'm about to buy a 2004 CR-V from a friend of mine. It has some battle scars here and there so I started thinking about a)nice restoration or b)simple repairs and mods… After watching your video it's modifying and repairing all the way. Thanks for the ideas!

Robert Keenan says:

225/85/15? Isn’t it 16 inch rims, on Australian model you cannot fit 15 inch rims and they come from the factory with 16 inch rims that look like that

Timmy Batan says:

Awesome mods on an awesome vehicle!

Antonio Castro says:

Make a video installing bigger tires!!!!!

Christian Fernandez says:

I wpuld love for mine to keep it without the lift

ivan jali gutierrez says:

Awesome nice truck

Chris Steinbach says:

Looks great! I just bought a low mileage 2001,same colour!
Do you think it could handle a 235 tire width or is 225 maxed out?

Gabriel Sweeney says:

what would be some good after market black steel rims? I bought 235/75/15's and put HRG's 3 inch lift on my 2004 CRV. Any recommendations?

2fastg35 says:

How did it handle after installing these and how was the alignment?

Just your Average Nico says:

Really great build and excellent video!

Lenard Batac says:

Those tires are back order now 6.15.22

Mike James says:

Thinking about buying a Honda CRV 2005 to 2006.I really liked the looks of it even with just the taller Tires it looked great!Thanks for showing it to us I really liked it a lot.

Carter 321 says:

Where did you find a lift kit for the cr-v? i’ve been looking to lift mine but i can’t find any specifically for the cr-v

rocs209 says:

Hi friend, I am Interested in doing the same, any issues with getting an alignment after lift and tires?

I am also thinking of maybe just putting on AT tires without putting on a lift kit. Any thoughts?

Venmar Ontal says:

Love CRv’s and especially those lifter kit, have an idea and I want it on my 2011 CRV thanks for sharing your videos

Javier Rubio says:

What a job !
My next work in my CRV 02.
Well done ! Just got a guide. Thanks.

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