DIY Honda CR-V Rear Brake Replacement Using Honda Tech Instructions 2017 – 2021 Models with EPB

DIY Honda CR-V Rear Brake Replacement Using Honda Tech Instructions 2017 – 2021 Models with EPB

Full rear brake service and replacement on my 2017 Honda CR-V using Honda Tech Instructions. Special instructions for manual service of Electronic Parking Brake, how to set it to home position and how to calibrate it. No computer required and super easy to do! Detailed repair instructions including torque specifications for all skill levels including beginners. DIY and SAVE your MONEY! $$$



@elromantico223 says:

I accidentally push the brake with no pads on caliper, now the piston pop all the way out, should I just screw back in place, with the tool?

@willyshep6796 says:

Great video. Electronic parking brake info was vital. Thanks

@mattshu says:

Help! Both my back rear brake pads (inner side) were hard to remove (had to use lots of brake cleaner and a flathead for assistance) and I’m not sure why. After cleaning out after removal and adding caliper grease, I could only “force” the inner pad into its track but I could not get it to bounce even though the clips were engaged against the caliper. Everything else is great but is it just a bad track? Not sure what that metal part is that is seated into the caliper housing

@potaylo says:

is the caliper piston rotating when your are compressing it back? That's what I am seeing in the other videos.

@potaylo says:

this is a great video.
I am wondering if you have a certain brand of pads and rotors you use?

@Rocksworld58 says:

When reinstalling the p-brake motor do you have to screw the piston back the other way or is that done when calibrating it from the drivers seat???

@hoppychulo1015 says:

On rear if you where replacing the rear wheel stud does it come off easy

@saadharl217 says:

How different would this for a 2023 Crv?

@Smile68888 says:

Hello, is it correct to turn it clockwise to reset and push the piston back counterclockwise?

@Ali_o.O says:

Couldn't this be done just by using the caliber piston compression instead of taking apart the rear end ? since you are using a rotating piston press you could rotate the piston almost all the way and then press the piston in by a clamp.

@naturalmystic5098 says:

Do you have to remove the parking brake motor to decompress the piston?

@alexanderdale4040 says:

Industry best practice is to keep all lube off the wheel nuts . . .pretty sure ant-seize would be included with that, I would also keep WD-40 away from those threads. Not a mechanic, just a guy who does his own brakes and has watched about 50 videos on the subject . . .

@jeanvillan6344 says:

Gracias me ayudo bastante para mi CR-V 2017 Touring

@robbyhiggins says:

Nice video. Well done! Thank you.

@daneself858 says:

Can you put both back brakes on and then calibrate them or do each on separate

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