DIY GMC Terrain / Chevy Equinox wiper regulator replacement Diagnoses and repair

DIY GMC Terrain / Chevy Equinox wiper regulator replacement Diagnoses and repair

Update: It looks like there is a recall on this part so call your local dealer to see if you can get it covered for free hopefully! Watch as I diagnose and repair a 2015 GMC Terrain /Chevy Equinox wiper problem (wipers don’t work). I also discuss the three most common wiper (very easy to fix) problems I observed when I was an auto mechanic. Save $



Pro 2A says:

You helped me out man thanks a lot same exact problem with my wife’s car. Calling now to see if it’s covered or not.

Mike Jerome says:

Hey, do you have a link to the part you bought?

Sinister C6 says:

Great video bro. Keep it up

James King says:

The Kingpin clip won me over. Great sense of humor there.

Angel Perez says:

Hello I have a 2007 Honda Civic EX windshield wiper problems I already replaced the windshield wiper motor and eyewear to replace the windshield wiper lever. Can anybody please help me to fix my issue? Everytime I turn my car on my windshield wiper Play Welcome on but they want stuff into about 10 swipes. And then they will stop on a random position please anything will help

Amanda Mosley says:

Does anyone know what year the recall is on for the terrain? I have a 2016 and mine stopped working yesterday. Trying to figure out if I should fix myself or if it's under the recall

Tokin says:

You can buy wiper linkage bushings from AutoZone and fix it for $10. I just did it. Works great.

Aaron Buckridge says:

I've never laughed so hard while trying to find a video I needed to work on a car HahaHaha

Steven Orozco says:

Okay I have a question on the terrain is it suppose to be lose on one of the pieces

SouthernBelleBEE says:

This is an issue with this vehicle and the dealership fixes it for free.

F Hill says:

To all who have spent money on this fix, you can be reimbursed. GM has a special coverage adjustment for the wiper transmission
for vehicles 2010 – 2012 and 2014 – 2017 for Equinox and Terrain

Joshua Maroney says:

You’re fuckin hilarious

Ken Bartosch says:

Thanks a bunch. This really helped me get my Equinox fixed.

Felicia Gilmore says:

You made this look really simple…thank you

Plombo#5 says:

Great video. I was all set to fix my wife’s aunts car but saw in the comments about the recall. Thanks much!


This is a recall on a vehicle, you can take it to any GMC dealer and get it fixed for free

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