Chevy / GMC Truck: Front CV Axle Replacement

Chevy / GMC Truck: Front CV Axle Replacement

Let’s see what it takes to remove and replace a front CV axle in a Chevrolet, GMC 1500, 2500 or 3500 4×4 pick up. These are a pretty straight forward job that most folks can do with some simple tools and a little bit of time!

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Omar Cisneros says:

Thanks for the video, i was going to take the whole tire and breaks apart lol. This is much easier.

Trevor grubaugh says:

Probably one of the easiest axles to change

Tony ??? says:

Came to see how to fix my CV axle but you want to cook

Jennifer Coffman says:

Are the bolts that connect it to the differential reverse threaded

Who Me? says:

6:39 does that look like a sunken ship all that metal?

James Sullivan says:

I have a 96 Chevy Silverado 1500 4+ 4. Would it be the same process as you have shown in the video?

James Keeler says:

Crap you should move to the west. No rust/salt corrosion. I can do the same job in half the time πŸ˜‰ No insult intended just humor.

SLOLEVI Sl says:

Your my go to guy! Many thanks! And yes, better cooking facilities needed! πŸ™‚

PA Sucks says:

I am poor so try to save money when possible.. I only have the one vehicle, a 04 Sierra 1500 4×4… need to replace the right side as it has a torn outer boot. 2 questions [1] I drive 80 miles oer day on it for work – what are the chances that the cv blows out and the axle starts flopping around destrroying stuff down there until payday when I can get a replacement and [2] if i take this axle off can I drive the truck for a few days without the axle as long as I dont engage the 4wd? (if I can then I can also save the 12 bux core charge lol)

cindy Fisher says:

Safety β€œGlass,s β€œ You Only Have two Eye,s

anthony marasco says:

Where did you get Mini at?

Allen Dubberly says:

Just replaced both front cv axles. Went on a test drive drove fine no noise till I put it in 4wd. Loud clunk and feels like passenger side is pulling but not drivers side. Any ideas?

Brian Hume says:

Eric you need your sink cleaned man just sayin

Adolph Lozano says:

Damn dude, do you own a torque wrench?

mattyboyz16 says:

For anyone wondering if you can get it out without taking sway bar link off, the answer is yes just did it, lil tedious but not ad bad as i thought

Trevor Grieve says:

Why are they called "Sway bars" over the pond? Anti Roll bar over this side, to reduce the body rolling around the centre line of the axle. Even if there's no axle…

dlohrke says:

Jerk wad? Ha ha ha

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