How To Fix a Cracked GM or DODGE CRACKED DASH

How To Fix a Cracked GM or DODGE CRACKED  DASH

How to Repair your GM or Dodge Cracked and Busted dash in your Chevrolet, Ram, Cummins, Yukon, Tahoe or Suburban. This works for all SUV’s and Trucks. Dodge trucks with cracked dashes. Also on GMC Trucks and SUV’s.

If you would like to help us out.

See this to repair cracks.

See this to make your texture tool


Hard Dash Cover

Soft Dash Cover

Plastic filler Putty

Reams of Paper

Suction Cups

99% RA

Micro Fiber Towels

Vinyl Protectant

Duct Tape

Silicone Glue (clear)

Silicone Glue (black)

Caulk gun

UK Tools:

Plastic Putty

Spray Bottles

Scott Blue towels

99% RA

303 UV

Micro Fiber


Germany Tools:

Plastic Putty

Venom Gloves

Spray bottle

303 UV



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Sweet Project Cars says:

****Hello Everyone of our Great Subscribers and visitors! Today is the Fantastic Finally Sweeeeet Friday Video**** This video is for those who want to completely recover their dash back to new by replacing the top, all in less than an hour. To Texture Your Dash See Also for those looking to fix just the cracks see this Also, our Sunday's Review video will be for all of you who love your car or truck so much that you will do whatever it takes to protect it. See you then 🙂

FedUpin L.A. says:

So true, DIY'rs never throw anything away, especially when you live in the country and its 20 miles to the nearest hardware store. BTW I love those long plastic expandable shower rods with rubber ends for long wedges and clamps., and the dollar store shower curtains make nice drop cloths. I also realized my old dumbbell set is still being used for weights like you used. At least I can honestly say I'm still using my weights.

jimbola77 says:

I use 303 all the time thanks to you!!!! it is magic.

jimbola77 says:

wowwww excellent job!!!!!

jimbola77 says:

thank you, partner, for sharing!!!!!

darrenhays021 says:

I used to sell truck accessories and we sold lots of soft tonneau covers with 10year warranties on the vinyl, the only way the warranty was valid was if they used 303. Once we started selling 303 we found many uses for it and most of my customers would use it under the hood on their hoses and plastics it did a wonderful job. Also the black streaks that many people get from tonneau covers down the side of their trucks was eliminated when they used 303. 303 explained to me that armor all and those types of shine chemicals had alcohol and glycerin and the alcohol broke down the vinyl and the glycerin sealed it in making for very bad results. You might contact 303 because back in the day they were an awesome company to do business with and there wasn’t a huge buy in to buy direct just a thought. Keep up the awesome vids

larry will says:

303, it's a great product.

pv2874 says:

I have been binge watching your videos. Also letting my buddies know about your vids. What video is the one where you make the handy home made windshield cleaner?

Ben Harrison says:

Nice video, Mike! I, fortunately, do not have this problem with a cracked dash, but it's nice to know how to fix it. One question though – With all the pressure applied with the reams of paper and the rods, it would seem to me that, if it is going to pop up somewhere, it would be along the rear edge over the instrument panel/radio/glove compartment. If the glue was strong enough to hold that edge down then shouldn't that glue be strong enough to hold other areas in place after it is hand pressed into place in those areas too?

Ray Jones says:

Nice work. I can see how having another set of hands on the opposite side would benefit greatly the installation of the cover. 😉

Alex Guzman says:

That is definitely a new one for me, wish I had known about it years ago. But I sure won't be forgetting it in a hurry!

Seems a shame to cover it back up again. I've got a question for you though… Since they don't intend to remove it, would it make sense to use a dab of the filler putty to blend the seam on the sides? Or do you figure it just isn't worth the extra effort?

NormEZ says:

The gum you chew isn't listed in the show more section… i feel if i chewed the same gum as you…perhaps it would make me an awesome DIYer

mark smith says:

Stacking and packing x5

Evan Moses says:

Love your videos. Keep up the good work and happy Holidays from your neighbour to the North.

Arthur Lin says:

Awesome video as always!

Claude Noto says:

Looks great!

andrew domenitz says:

I put a Roll n Lock bed cover on my Tundra in 2000. 303'd it since new and it is still there.

Robert Belcher says:

Hi Sweet, Thanks for your videos. Got a question about steering wheels I hope you can help me with. I have an old 1988 BMW 5 series and I want to redo my steering wheel and I want it to be done with a foam material like I have seen on race cars. Can you give me guidance on how to pull this off? Thanks!

Luis Cuadrado says:

Question off the subject saw a video of ceramic coating your windshield for the winter can you use the microfiber towel that comes with the ceramic more than once

Mike Morales says:

Have you ever used Flex Seal liquid on a car, to help keep water from seeping in through A pillar?

Scott Walters says:

That's pretty slick right there!! Does your climate extremes have a big impact on the cracking? I'm contemplating a move back to the Midwest next year. Giving me something to think about :). Great video as always. Thanks for posting!!

Thomas Weybrew says:

What is the glue you use in your calk gun?

joed596 says:

Excellent job! I swear by 303 myself, and have used it for years. Thumbs up and Happy New Year 🙂

Ass Wumu says:

I actually smeared silicone on my stearing wheal top off the dash cover and seats didn't realliz untill it had dried is there anyway to get it off

Leonardokite says:

I guess that new dash got reamed!!!!!!! LOL, looks like a pretty easy install. Of course you make everything look easy Mike.

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