GM 2.4 Ecotec Camshaft Position Sensor – How To Test & Replace

GM 2.4 Ecotec Camshaft Position Sensor – How To Test & Replace

In this video we go through the process of diagnosing the problem with my car via an OBDII scanner, testing the probable Camshaft Position Sensor failure and replacing the part. My vehicle is a 2012 GMC Terrain but the process should be essentially the same on any 2.4 Ecotec engine.

The links:
Exhaust Camshaft Position Sensor – #12655421, genuine GM replacement – (affiliate)
Intake Camshaft Position Sensor – #12655420, genuine GM replacement – (affiliate)
OBDII Scanner – (affiliate)
Multimeter – (affiliate)

Tools Needed:
Ratchet w/ Extension
8mm socket
10mm socket
Pliers / channel locks
Slotted / flat screwdriver
ODBII scanner (if you want to check your engine codes)
Multimeter (if you want to test the camshaft position sensor)

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TheStruggleville says:

The volume goes way down about halfway through the video. Hopefully you can still hear everything. If you watch till the end you will hear about the problems I was having while making this video.

Larry Russell says:

Thanks a lot for the detailed video. I'll be fixing this week. Awesome video.

Terence King says:

Thanks Brah for the video. I have a 2011 GMC Terrain eco. I’m bout to try it now lol!!!

jujitsu62 says:

Awesome video guy … You helped save the day . Thx

muerte312 says:

Thanks for the video it was just what I needed. Informative and easy to follow. Fixed the problem. Thanks again

The Howard says:

Thank-you !

Matt Garza says:

Yeah, socket or nut driver is so much easier on those clamps. A slotted screwdriver is a pain in the ass.

bigjim284 says:

Vehicles are designed to help the company make money. 1400 to replace a fuel pump in my wife's Astro van. $300 for the part and a full day for me to replace it. I cant believe what they charge. I am in the wrong business that's for sure.

Alfredo Luciano says:

Great video I love it I’m sure it will be very helpful for one of our YouTubers

uk7769 says:

Thanks for the link the other day! Def watching and supporting content creators like you. Cheers! BTW do they have car computer mobile phone apps with a cable that goes from the car to the phone? Even better, plug a BlueTooth thingy into the car and read the codes on an app? Just wondering. No matter, I need to get one of those code readers.

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