Steering rack – Ford focus 2011 to 2017- How to replace

Steering rack – Ford focus 2011 to 2017- How to replace

Hi guys , In today’s video I’m showing you how to replace a Ford Focus steering rack to save some wonga!
ill show one side just repeat it on the other

Also on this model it will unfortunately still require a trip to the local dealer after to re program the steering module and check the tracking but you will still save £££ fitting the rack yourself (providing you dont damage anything!)

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frankster1969 says:

Thanks for making this video, it was very helpful. One thing I would like to add is that after removing the 4 main bolts that hold the subframe, I would highly recommend cleaning out the tread in the holes before installing the new bolts (or the old ones)…

Daniel Acosta says:

Is it the same on a north American version ford focus?

Scott Eric says:

A manual transmission newer focus? You've already fixed half of the problem with this vehicle.

phillip mccollough says:

This is a perfect how-to video, thanks.

Devano Dimico says:

Hey all that are just now reading this I just wanted to say thanks to Jim! I replace this with an OEM used part from LKQ online and no re-coding/flashing was needed. I was concerned with this myself but after replacing the steering rack it works just like new no other processes needed

hardenmae tongoy says:

Good day sir! I have a question, does steering rack assy of ford focus 2013 automatic can repair or overhaul inside? ( module)can it stays longer? Because, the steering wheel is so heavy to drive.

Zeb VanZandt says:

Good Job mate. It’s a bit of work and you need the right tools to tackle it, I can’t believe Ford are such pricks the way they’ve dealt with issues like this and the transmission issues with the Focus 2012-2015 Trends etc. A complete lack of customer care and every excuse under the sun why Ford aren’t liable. Just keep the heat on yr local dealer until they fix em for no cost. A power steering assist issue warrants a call back…. never again will my wife ignore my advice on cars ( touch wood )

Jordan Russell says:

A few tips:

1. If your upper endlinks are recessed in a bracket, use a pair of locking pliers behind to hold the exposed metal of the end link (just in front of the boot behind the bracket) and impact the nut off from the front.

2. Just take the sway bar completely off and install the rack; it makes it so much easier than just rotating it around.

3. Take the tie rod ends (track rod ends across the pond) off the rack after you get the rack out, but break the jam nut loose while the rack is still on the car. Much easier. Use locking pliers on the inner tie rod to assist outer tie rod end removal after you've got the rack off.

4. Use an air hammer on the side of the control arm, by ball joint, after removing the pinch bolt and the ball joint studs will fall right out of the knuckle.

5. I used a salvaged OEM rack as replacement and it did not need any reprogramming or relearning. Worked perfect immediately.

Great video and to the point. Wonderful editing and help. Thanks Jim.

toyo toe says:

Hi . Just fitted reconditioned steering rack to 2010 citroen c5 1.6hdi. It has an electric power steering pump, but rack seems conventional to me( t40 torx screw holding the 2 pipes into the rack). After fitting, when I start engine (and car stationary) the steering wheel turns by itself to the right until stopping in the full right lock position. This happens if the front end is of the ground or front wheel on the ground. I do think I centred rack correctly before installing, maybe I need to recheck. Basically, what could cause the steering wheel to move by itself always to full right lock position? Any ideas appreciated. Thanks

Fabien 1 says:

Used a saw and cut rack out.

Jordan Russell says:

Is there a source for these alignment pins in the States? All the shipping options look months out.

Andrew Lyon says:

Great vid it’s been an awesome help wish I was still in the trade I’m so out of touch and doing this on the driveway is no fun that’s one heavy lump of expensive metal

glen zimmer says:

Wrong way to do this rack ,,

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