How to REMOVE & REPLACE Faded Ford DECAL (tailgate or rear hatch)

How to REMOVE & REPLACE Faded Ford DECAL (tailgate or rear hatch)

These instructions should apply to various Ford vehicles including Ranger F150 and Explorer. Below are links to some of the products used in this video on Amazon:
Body Filler Squeegee:
Pry Tool:



N M says:

Awesome. Thanks! Going to give it a try. By the way, the instructions on Amazon ( look like stills from this video! 🙂

Kneaded says:

I went on to your website. Couldn't find this part…. help?

Harold Hairston says:

Definitely going to replace my old emblems now !! Super helpful, thanks !!

Ebe Dave says:

Jesus Christ is Lord ✝️ Maranatha

Marcson GAUDIN says:

What about I don't have a heat gun?

a dubbs says:

what kind of shell do you have on your ranger?

James Kramer says:

Hey bud you said you were going to put the email address for the Ford symbols I don't see it any chance you can send it to me or put it on here.

Trenton Williams says:

Gonna try it today

Critical NewsTV Critical Analysis says:

Well done, thanks, i will try it tomorrow

Jeremiah Young says:

Hey thanks a lot for doing this video. I'm repainting my tailgate to get rid of some rust spots before they get too corrosive , and I was wondering what to do about the symbol. Now I see its not too bad to remove that I will order that. Thanks again appreciate it.

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