How to Install SiriusXM Satellite Radio Car Kit Ford Mustang Motorz #14

How to Install SiriusXM Satellite Radio Car Kit Ford Mustang Motorz #14

Chris shows you how to install a satellite radio car kit and receiver from SiriusXM on a 2008 Ford Mustang GT.

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AssWipeGtaOnline says:

What a lazy install, every time you want to change the channel you have to open the console

Trevor Moore says:

No Ads???guess you've never listened to satellite radio

Vitalie Zmeu says:

– DougDeMuro –

Project Nerdvana says:

Umm. Pretty sure you could install that inside and will still work just as good. Install it with 3m heavy duty double sided tape

Gary S says:

Now everytime you have to change the channel, you have to open the console

javelin jav says:

Pretty straight forward, thanks for sharing the video. Thinking of getting me a used kit for my 20+yrold Yukon but not sure if my truck has aux input.

J F says:

My 2005 Mustang does not have an AUX input in the center console!

Michael says:

yes!!! i got me a STARMATE ST1 and threw the rest of worthless radios away!! ST1 has lifetime subscription on it!! sit on car it tune in both stations and NO FUSS NO UNBOLTING CUTTING WIRES!! problem solved!!!!!

Bacchus Beast says:

The wire is not secured in and around the windshield .. the most challenging aspect. Wth

Pete Kane says:

Do you have a video with hard wire connections for this setup?

corblom11 says:

Sorry I don't mean to say that this is wrong, just very dangerous as others have mentioned, looking down to tune a station while driving would cause a big hazard. Radio should always be mounted near the present one or near the windshield so that your eyes leaving the road is very minimal.

80goal says:

How to change channels? Should I take the module out every time i want to change the change?

luis lagos says:

Im 3 months old what im i doing here ?

dougjstl1 says:

Hey don't waste the tape that was too big a piece I think that you should have used a smaller piece of tape don't waste the tape

dougjstl1 says:

bad boy yes it's a bad boy bad boy this bad boy

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