Front Anti-Sway Bar Install on RV | Ford E-450 Class C Motorhome

Front Anti-Sway Bar Install on RV | Ford E-450 Class C Motorhome

Installing front Hellwig anti-sway bars on my RV Ford E-450 chassis. Greatly improve your RV stability with this suspension upgrade. Highly recommended for owners of large Class C RVs.


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Hellwig FRONT Anti-Sway Bar for Ford E-450:
Hellwig REAR Anti-Sway Bar for Ford E-450:
Bilstein Shock Absorbers:


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Eric Ford says:

Thanks for the great video. I installed the Helwig front and rear sway bars on my 2008 E450 motorhome. What a difference! To install both it took me about and hour and forty five min. Super simple and everything fit great. I did have to grind down one corner of the upper bracket on the front stabilizer so it would sit flat, but other than that, smooth as silk! Thanks again, you gave me the confidence to get it done.

Maximo Minaya says:

Good morning Tito I just like to know where I can by anti front and rear sway bar for a 1999 Winnebago adventure motorhome.??

azimmey says:

Great video Tito, you said newer frame you had to put on that bracket. What year is yours? Just bought a 06 Tioga and front end/grill looks the same.

Big Al's Above Ground Pool Tips says:

No comment about the difference in ride!

NorthWest Living says:

Your videos are great, if I can watch these and save a a ton of money, then I'm golden

Bear Griz says:

video from Hellwig how an anti-sway bar works BTW love your videos

Brianmotivational says:

Hi Brian, your Hellwig sway bar install video was great. I made sure to buy thru your links so you could be rewarded for your good work. Keep it up. I'll be following your solar guidelines next with some added input from Will Prowse< the solar kid.

ghstwoman says:

Hey Tito, Could you tell me the Bilstein shock absorber part numbers for the front and back? I followed your link but amazon doesn't sell them any longer. We have a 2016 Coachmen 319 DS (E-450) Thank you

Tom Cook says:

Thanks for these great videos on the Hellwig sway bars. I am installing them now and look forward seeing the improvements

bruce sannino says:

Hello again! It's me! It's me again!
You used the phrase 'Dry fit' several times. Says the Ol' Captain, one dry fit is better than a hundred expert measurements. Thanks Brian.

Ray Malone says:

I appreciate your research and how to's. I am looking at installing the sway bars on a 2004 24ft BornFree(E450). It already has SteerSafe installed. Do you think it would be fine with the sway bars , shocks, and steering damper that there would be no need for the SteerSafe?

Mario Huerta says:

Has anyone installed a child seat anchor?

Danielle Benjamin says:

Hello- I see this video was made years ago, how have the bars held up over the years? I’m getting ready to do this project as well.

Bob Tomlinson says:

Hey Brian…what diameter anti sway bars did you install…I have a 25 foot Thor

beverly koehler says:

hi tito, just wanted to thank you for posting this and let you know your video was much more informative and helpful than the actual installation video that hellwig had posted. i did the front sway bar today and got a good start on the rear one on our ford e350 class c. the sway bars are really heavy duty but i thought hellwig's instructions could have been a little more detailed.

The Journey In Between says:

Oh my gosh, I have dealt with that "sway" when the tractor trailers pass-by! I definitely need to upgrade this…I have a 2020 Class C, but whatever they got on there it definitely is "not" good enough. Thanks for the video Tito!

Pete Kane says:

Good quick video. Liked your review of before and after install. You reported a large improvement. Making me think that will be an upcoming upgrade. You had the shocks done when you had the alignment done. Thanks

Topher Wayne says:

Soooooo much talking….

Open Road Freedom says:

Thank you very much! You help me a lot with your video!

FMTFXE22 says:

Hello. Your two videos on Ft & Rr Anti Sway bars convinenced me that I can do this. I've done a lot of work on my 2003 Ford E-450 SD Class C, so this should be a snap. Fingers crossed. Question, have you ever replaced the emergency start battery relay? Mine stopped working and not the charging my house batteries while driving from the alternator.

Kathy, Steve, & Trooper Blanck says:

there don't seam to be any replies to the questions!

Clint Masse says:

I did the upgrade — I pull a horse trailer so I added Air bags as well — now just going after the shocks. QUESTION — I have Monroe Shocks available locally — should i go to the effort of sourcing the Bilstein's rather?

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