DIY: Ford Ranger 2wd Lower Ball Joint Replacement

DIY: Ford Ranger 2wd Lower Ball Joint Replacement

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Video tutorial on how to replace the lower ball joints on a 2wd Ford Ranger equipped with front coil spring suspension. The model I am working with here today is a 1998. Typically a ball joint can somewhat fail in two ways. One is having the rubber boot crack or break which will allow the grease to escape and foreign contaminants to enter resulting in excessive wear. The other way is simply having the joint wear out eventually causing uneven wear on the tire, clunking when driving over bumps, alignment issues, stiff steering, and perhaps wandering steering.

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Tools/Supplies Needed:
-jack stand
-sockets (15mm and 13mm)
-large interlocking pliers
-standard screwdriver
-new replacement ball joint
-ball joint press
-24mm wrench
-27mm wrench
-pry bar
-tie off straps
-tuning fork
-wire brush
-grease gun with grease
-snap ring pliers

-elevate the front of the truck and use a jack stand as a safety measure
-remove the wheel
-crack the master cylinder reservoir cap
-depress the caliper using large interlocking pliers and then remove the caliper using a 13mm wrench or socket
-tie off the caliper
-use a wire brush on the exposed threads for the pinch bolt on the upper ball joint and the ball joint stud on the bottom
-remove the old cotter pin
-remove the 15mm nut on the pinch bolt for the upper control arm
-hammer out the pinch bolt, a punch maybe needed
-using a pry bar, pry up on the control arm and hammer the steering knuckle down
-tie off the steering knuckle
-using a tuning fork, separate the lower ball joint
-tie off the steering knuckle assembly
-clean up the surface around the snap ring with a wire brush
-remove the snap ring using a chisel and standard screwdriver
-clean the ball joint surface seam in the control arm using a wire brush again
-using the ball joint press and correct adapters, press out the old ball joint
-compare the old and new ball joints to ensure they are the same
-clean up the control arm’s ball joint mounting surface with a wire brush
-using the correct adapters, install the new ball joint with the press
-install the snap ring using snap ring pliers
-make sure it’s seated using a standard screwdriver
-install the grease fitting, tighten, and give the new ball joint and couple pumps with grease
-install the steering knuckle with the castle nut, the torque specifications is 83 to 113 ft lbs
-reinstall the upper control arm ball joint by jacking the lower control arm into place, straps may also help assist it back together
-install the pinch bolt, the torque specifications is 35 to 46 ft lbs
-install the cotter pin and bent over the exposed ends
-install the caliper
-torque specifications for the caliper bolts are 22-29ft lbs
-install the wheel
-torque specifications for the lug nuts are 100 ft lbs

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Pat Johnson says:

Great video. Very timely also. My 2006 Ranger 2WD failed inspection for a lower ball joint yesterday.

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Good video as always> I'd never heard of but now I've bookmarked them for future use.
Thanks for the video and for showing me a new Canadian place to get parts.

MissCivic95 says:

Gave ya a thumbs up 😀 keep up the great work

Jimmy_James_77 says:

Easy to follow and understand, thanks for sharing!

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