Top 5 Things You Should Know About The Ferrari 360

Top 5 Things You Should Know About The Ferrari 360

Top 5 Things You Should Know About The Ferrari 360

We list the 5 facts that you may not know about the Ferrari 360 but should before you buy or purchase one of these supercars

Featuring performance, hazards, maintenance and do it yourself mistakes. What if you do the wrong things.

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stewartfan98 says:

How can getting the battery polarity wrong or over charging it be a problem with the car? Problem with dim witted owner.The brakes are great for the road. Are we testing race cars now? Bullshit. says:

2:50 YIKES … no heat shield over the muffler? .. and no isolation from the engine compartment? well, there is a priority modification!!!
Nice informative video BTW, thanks.

Russell DeJulio says:

I am shocked that the car has weak brakes !! A Ferrari !! Were they improved with the intro of the 430 ?? Anyone owning a Ferrari should be able to drive in some track events during the year with no issues as I do with my 2006 911 which has extremely reliable !

searaydrivingguy says:

that make a good taxi keep that over priced fiat

Trina Clarke says:

Great information we live in Northern Alberta and although a exotic isn't the best choice for our roads, we have set our sights on a older Ferrari or Lamborghini in the future. Keep pumping out great content. Nice job giving a shout out to other YouTubers.

PerArduaadAstra07 says:

great video, cheers!

Chris Winter says:

Ferrari's burn. Porsche's Burn. Afla's Burn. Hell my old Nissan 300ZX nearly burned. There is ALWAYS a risk of a fuel link on a poorly maintained car OR a car that's not been driven regularly, leaving the rubbers to dry out and crack. To quote the Joker then….EVERYTHING BURNS 😀

John Romaine says:

If I had a dollar for every time he said "actually" in this video Id be able to buy this car cash.

Cbj54 Unclutched says:

Nice video. Love these cars but the service costs are prohibitive for me. Ended up getting a Viper. American parts, and labor costs.

AeromotiveDogma says:

Good video. I had a 360 and took it on vacation. The rollover valves on the fuel tank dried out and cracked, dripped fuel on the exhaust manifold and caught fire at a gas station while filling up. We emptied a few extinguishers in the bay and I called my service advisor. He told me what to look for – had to clean it all up, was a total mess. But we salvaged the weekend and had it fixed when we got home!

Jeffrey B says:

I would venture to guess that very few who own a 348 or 355 do the engine out every two years. Most people I know, as well as myself, do it every 5 years.

Gabriel Hill says:

I didn't know that this car had this many problems Mark. Thank you for the video. An F430 would be a better choice in my opinion. Have you reviewed the new 488 GTB?

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