How to Replace a CV Boot on a Ferrari 355 or 348

How to Replace a CV Boot on a Ferrari 355 or 348

Ferrari 355 CV boots are a common problem that split quite often.

I show you step by step how to remove and replace the inexpensive boot yourself with basic tools.

Cost of the CV boot Kit is just £10 which includes 1x Rubber CV boot, 1x Packet of Grease 2x Metal Clamps

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George E says:

Keep your maintenance vids coming, I like this because it’s different from the usual car review rubbish on YouTube and it’s informative and useful as an owner.

I wish I had the confidence to wrench on my F355 Spider but I don’t just yet, which is funny because I have taken apart and serviced marine engines worth half a million pounds and done valve clearance/timings ect.

John McDonald says:

That's the filthiest job that I've ever done on a car! You made it look tidy and easy…through the magic of video probably 😀

thorn says:

Dude… you're doing this the hard way. Don't keep tension with the hand brake; use a screwdriver in the rotor slots, and rotate the hub manually so that you can reach each bolt from the same position. Also – nice to see someone using the proper tool to tighten the clamps! 🙂

kize32 says:

I'd buy a Ferrari just to wrench on it

salvage rebuilds uk says:

Nice looking cars I can’t wait to get mine on the road would love a shout out on my YouTube channel of my FERRARI REBUILD much appreciated

Ron Pieterse says:

Thank you Scott . I worked for a Ferrari mechanic in the 80’s. Working on 308s,328s, Dino’s, 512 Boxers, 275gtbs etc. etc. All great memories and fun!I recently started to look into buying one for myself. So I need to find a more modern cheaper one. Any suggestions? Love your videos because I want to drive them hard and work on them myself. Best Regards. Ron.

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