Ferrari 458 Challenge Evo repair crash TOTALED

Ferrari 458 Challenge Evo repair crash  TOTALED

Fire wreck repair and wrecked again




Жалко ракету … Столько труда положили , молодцы .

ME TV says:

It’s a new driver they need..keeps trashing good cars!!!!

phil philou27 says:

vraiment un mauvais pilote !!!!

corivian says:

Wow did not see that ending comming, hurts to see

Alexzander P- CSC says:

Damn bro u the man fixing these rides u killing it still tryna link up when I'm in FL

ibidu1 says:

Racers we have superstitions, when you get a new paint job. Scratch the bottom of it! When you get new race suit scuff it on the ground. Trust me on this lol or else you will total your ride like this guy.

Porsche Collector says:

Privet iz San Francisco

H&P Customs says:

I’ll take the 250 it was next to on the track.

Danila Budnik says:

the end is sad

Danila Budnik says:

why do you have all the good cars

XFrostay says:

hey try to build it and turn it to a street legal car on the inside so we can see that car on the road

XFrostay says:


XFrostay says:

Here before 1000 views

XFrostay says:

Damon would be proud

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