Suncoast 48RE Transmission Install: 2005 Dodge Ram

Suncoast 48RE Transmission Install: 2005 Dodge Ram

Suncoast transmissions are assembled here in the USA with proven parts and techniques. Tow. Street. Race. Suncoast is known throughout the transmission world for its top-of-the-line torque converters, because the company has taken the time to listen, learn, research, and respond to its customers’ suggestions, with outstanding results. The company will continue to make its converters and transmissions the best in the business, while continuously researching new technologies that shine new light on the industry. Design copying is easy. Innovations, however, are more difficult.

► Mag Hytec Trans Pan

► Suncoast Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid

► How To Remove a 48RE

► How To Install a 48RE Flex Plate

Watch us install a Suncoast 48RE Transmission on a 2005 Dodge Ram.

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0:00 Suncoast 48RE Transmission
2:45 Remove Components Off Old Transmission
8:07 Add Old Components On New Transmission
9:25 Clean Out The Cooler Lines
12:38 Torque Converter Prep & Install
16:05 Install New Transmission
22:08 Hang Transfer Case
23:55 Driveshaft Hookup
25:00 Install Isolator Bracket
27:29 Replace The Crossmember
30:56 Torque Converter Bolts
36:34 Replace Inspection Cover
36:44 Replace Skid Plate
38:03 Replace Rear Driveshaft
39:32 Wiring Hookup
41:43 Throttle Valve Assembly
43:50 Attach Transfer Case Line
44:12 Attach Dipstick Tube
45:13 Shift Through The Gears For Feeling (engine off)
45:54 Fill With Oil
46:52 Start Engine And Check Oil

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Jeff Bruner says:

I want to say to all the people out there Wade and Dennis and all the guys at Thoroughbred are first class all the way

Jason Griffin says:

How’s this transmission holding up as of late?

Kenia Flores says:

My husband took out his trans to change the torque converter, while trying to put it back in the trans is no longer fitting flush, leaving a gap. Would you know why that is?

Tyler Durdin says:

Would this video be applicable to a 2011 3500 Cummins? I already see some noticeable differences on the transmission you have in front of you compared to the one I’m looking at? Could I still use this video and improvise on some portions of the installment or do I need to probably seek another source or video?

Brandon White says:

First off I want to say thank you waiting Adam for this video for someone like myself who's not a mechanic by any means but knows enough to be able to do himself and that would be because of this video and the thorough detail that you go into makes all the difference this is the first time I've ever commented on any social media not revolving around personal for myself I say that just because this video means it's a lot to me because I've watched it religiously and has helped me accomplish things I never thought I would be able to

mxer b says:

Awesome video Wade. I’m getting ready to tackle this in my driveway. It looks like the TC bolts have the risk of falling behind the flex plate when installing. Is there anything I can do to prevent that? Maybe stuff a rag underneath the bolt hole when installing if there’s room?

Steven Williamson says:

How many foot lbs on the tourqe converter bolts

H V says:

My 2500 just slipped all gears, and a mechanic said we need to either rebuild it or change it… He also said that as long as the trim is a 2500 even if it’s gas and not diesel I could put in that transmission. Is that true?

Earl diddle jr says:

What tool do you need to remove the range sensor on the old transmission

Greg Lopez says:

Well done like all your input,thanks

Aaron Denton Bearden says:

Can't get the shift cable to connect when I do it only wants to put it in Reverse

kelly davis says:

do you run the transmission heat exchanger or bypass it

06_cummins says:

What grade loctite did you use for the torque converter and drive shaft bolts?

Scott says:

Almost makes me wish I had an auto rather than my NV5600.
Almost 😉

jmartin4406 says:

Why did you go with suncoast transmission and not ATS? I am possibly going to need a new transmission soon and would like to get the best one that I can afford. Thanks

green tips says:

my suncoast 68rfe the driveshaft shutters when put in reverse or neutral to reverse sounds bad ?

Howard S Hurst says:

How would you go about adding the trans fluid to a new build if the truck has a stock pan? How many quarts are you expected to need? Thanks

Shannon Smiley says:

Trying to find a transmission for a 1998 1/2 5.9 24 valve. What is the best one to get.

Jeff Bruner says:

Thal you for not using ATS

Martina and Madison's Channel says:

Wayne how you doing but I don't know how to send you a message straight to you so I'm just going to write it here I need some of your professional advice I have a 2006 Dodge Ram 5.9 Diesel put a new motor in it installed new Bosch injectors 124 late with help of your video everything went nice and smooth I have one problem I'm only getting 15 miles per gallon in Highway it's a 4 x 4 stock height my tires are 285 70 r18 my other trucks 2nd gen like yours gets more miles per gallon than this one what do you suggest I can do to get more miles per gallon on my 2006 mega cab I read about a ECM reflash white smoke rough idle but I don't know perhaps you have any other ideas thank you and thanks for all your videos all my injector installs that I've done on my trucks I did it with your help and a lot of other things I really appreciate everything Wayne

anonymous George says:

Great video. Thanks.

delmer Amador says:

Good video!!

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