How to Replace Upper Control Arms 2006-10 Dodge Charger

How to Replace Upper Control Arms 2006-10 Dodge Charger

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You may be surprised to hear you need to replace a control arm, especially if the vehicle is never driven hard, or has been in an accident. More often than not, the arm is in fine condition, but the bushings or ball joint have worn out, causing noise, play in the wheel, or other unsafe conditions. This video shows you how to install a new TRQ upper control arm in your 2006-10 Dodge Charger.

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WJ Handy Dad says:

Since most of us are probably going to have to replace every component in the front all at once, can you edit a version of all your front end videos where they are all done at once so we can see the best order to do it. Thank you for your great videos!

Frank Molina says:

Great video but why not show how you got to the other nut towards the windshield which is a real PIA to get to.

Richard Wilson says:

Video for the passenger side would great as well due to the firewall gets in the way

BrutalZebra 426Hemi says:

Good video now I know what I got to do to replace mine. Also it has the same issue

Hector Herrera says:

What are the tools that are need it

Lone Wolf Customs says:

just found your channel like your content straight to the point no Bullshit

Jedi Luke 22 says:

Damn I wish every repair video was straight to the point like this. No unnecessary jokes or too much talking, just get right to it.

Carlos Ariza says:

The new part is a different model. Has this afect the car? . I think different models has different designs

Jackson Cruz says:

Great video. Wouldn't it be better to torque the upper nuts with the vehicle under it's own weight on the ground?

PowWowChicken says:

You forgot the torque specs for the shocks.

Z Cummi says:

Great video,
Short to the point and no bullshit an you explain things well.

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