Replace Starter – Chrysler Town & Country / Dodge Caravan

Replace Starter – Chrysler Town & Country / Dodge Caravan

Starter for Chrysler Town & Country:
How to remove / replace / install the starter on your 2007 Chrysler Town and Country or Dodge Caravan. We realized the starter was bad when we turned the key and only heard a CLICK. Not tick, tick, tick, tick (which would have been a low battery). So we bought the starter with a coupon code for just $70, then installed it. Seeing that it was only 2 bolts we thought it was going to be fairly easy. Unfortunately we had to remove the radiator fan, plastic shroud, and frame rail just to remove the upper bolt.
So i hope this helps to explain how to remove the bolts which hold the starter in place. It’s not the easiest job in the world but knowing the steps helps a lot.

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Matt Stokes says:

I don’t know who this Clown is just putting his video on but if you don’t know shit I removed and replaced the starter without removing anything he said you can reach all the bolts from the top drawer of the stronger out the bottom the only one I had to remove from the bottom was the starter wire which states 13 mm Grinch don’t listen to him they can be done without pulling the radiator or any other support

William Johns says:

I removed the front motor mount and used a thru bolt socket and raget. had it out and back in and runing. round a hour 1/2

Frank Denardo says:

I have a 1998 Chrysler Grand Voyager. What is the procedure for replacing the starter motor

Big Skid Media says:

Suggest putting the engine in the description.

machew2009 says:

The tick is actually usually the solenoid that you are hearing not the gear hitting the flywheel that is usually more of a clunk

David Sohns says:

Very informative. Thank you.

Haywood Matthews says:

thank you very informative

Laundru Patton says:

Yep! I did everything you did. I'm at the stage of removing the top 15mm bolt on the starter. I was out there for about an hour removing everything that you removed so I decided to just take my time. I put some PB Blaster on that top 15 mmmm bolt and I'll come back at it the next day I might have to buy a 15 mm deep well socket. I thought I had one but apparently I don't so that's something that's going to be added to my toolbox. I'll follow up with that top bolt when if it was hard to get off or easy the bottom Bolt was easy

Nelson Hernandez says:

I didn’t take any fans out no shroud out used an existent ion on a 13mm deep well socket and the a 15mm deep well for top bolt. Bottom loosened it enough and got it out the rest of the way by hand. Putting it back was harder than taking it out.

Cj Roby says:

lol because you need'ed a swivel lol , pull half that shit for nuthing lol

Carlitos Santanos says:

What a joke, how the hell do you take the starter out of there, you didn’t show anything about that….

juan wong says:

Thank you for the video …

wayne amburgey says:

if you're a welder you can make a tool for anything

Char C. says:

Great video,, thanks

Ross Morales says:

On my 2010 it was super easy to change out

DarionMacLeode says:

Absolutely useless, and the pictures on your blog are deformed past three point of usability.

Razzors Edge says:

i change them without taking shroud or fans out

cday 6104 says:

Don't have to take all that stuff off. Fan shoude all that. Can do it without doing all that

Veikko Allan says:

Got everything done and the solenoid connector doesn't fit. Apparently 2004 was a transition year for the Dodge Caravan. I'm totally clueless about cars… is there any way I can doctor the old one to fit in the new housing?

James love says:

So you did all this in order to put a new starter in ? I was a pain in the ass and slow going but it seems you did more work then you had too . But it would be easier not to have too get around Evey thing, it take a long time doing it how I did it , but you have to take your time slowly remove bolts and it's so tight your likely gonna have to stop alot due to hand cramping. I just got done pulling mine out now the installation, , thanks for the video even though I new what I was doing , it was perfect way for me to not forget the little thing !!

resenrob1 says:

Thanks for the video. I don’t have fancy tools, so I did take the fan off but it wasn’t complicated or took long at all. Now my wife doesn’t have to worry about being stranded at the store and we saved a couple of hundred bucks. Again, thanks.

Peter Swanson says:

25 minutes without taking anything else off. As long as you can jack the car up, and get underneath to access the bottom bolt it's not hard. You must, of course have the right tools, and make sure to use jackstands.

Jay WhoLovesEveryone says:

OMG! Thank you soooooo much for making this video. I have been searching for days for info on this. Gotta do mine this weekend. You, Sir, are a gift! ♥ .•:*¨¨*:•. ♥

Christopher Thorne says:

This video did not help at all. The shroud, frame rail and the fan was nowhere as easy as he made it. I could go on and on as why this video sucked

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