2001-2006 Chrysler Sebring Coolant outlet housing D.I.Y. 2.7 liter V6

2001-2006 Chrysler Sebring Coolant outlet housing D.I.Y. 2.7 liter V6

Hello guys! Here with another DIY on replacing the infamous Chrysler 2.7 coolant outlet housing. This housing is found on the 2001-2006 Chrysler 2.7 liter V6 models. This particular car is a 2001 Sebring LXi model. This is a very straightforward procedure with no special tools required to get the job done. I must apologize for the wind in some case throughout the video and also having to move the camera from time to time. This channel is still developing and as time goes on I will be investing in more equipment to make my delivery more stable! I do hope that this video helps you guys out!

Also If you missed my last video about the nissan 240sx please make sure check that out as I also mentioned a giveaway that I will be having for my loyal subcribers!
You can see that video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6-Is9y4jzw&t=86s

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T Y says:

My bottom hose connector broke off into the bottom hose .
Do I need a whole new one or is there a connect to help that only

David Henley says:

very, very helpful. Thanks for posting!

Miguel Rodriguez says:

Thanks mans worker for me

John Jackson says:

Great job with the camera movement. This is my third time changing the housing. Is this a flawed product or what?

Charles R Jellison says:

Very good video! Far superior to most.

Marc Smith says:

It's a great video but the only concern I would have is what happens if one of those plenum gaskets sticks to the lower intake and comes out. The chances of it happening is probably very low, but it will be unpleasant if it does.

pleasetryagain says:

Very helpful video I feel I can do this now thanks

Aaron Chamberlain says:

He didn't say how to bleed the coolant and how much to run it first or what???

Angelo Oliver says:

I hope I'm not too late, but, thank you, bro…. Great video and a life saver!

Taijah Wagner says:

But the car won’t start without a jump now at first it was fine

Taijah Wagner says:

I had this replaced and is receiving codes P0125, P0118, P0301, P0302 , P0300 and for some reason when I start it up it’s loud and then it starts squeaking and the fans turn on immediately and blows out really good under hood but after awhile of car being on smoke starts coming out from hood and just a bit not like it use to be. Before the part got fixed I need a new valve cover gasket the guy at Midas said it was dripping on the intake I have oil inside the spark plugs and I guess there bad from what he said

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