Reduced Engine Power FIX! Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra Tahoe Yukon

Reduced Engine Power FIX! Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra Tahoe Yukon

Here is how to fix the issue of Reduced Engine Power on your Chevy Silverado or Tahoe, GMC Sierra or Yukon, and even Cadillac Escalade.
My go-to tools/products:
My scan tool:
My little scan tool:
TPMS scan tool:
Plastic trim tool set:
LED magnetic light:
Torx driver set:
Screwdriver set:
JBL Blutooth speaker
MUST HAVE for coolant work



George Larson II says:

You area genius!!! I have spent 8 months and over a thousand dollars and nothing fixed it. I tugged on this wire and bam off it pulled. Regrounded like you and FIXED!!!! You just saved me $50k for buying a new car! THANK YOU!!!!!

N D says:

You stripped that wire quick!!

Todd Freeman says:

Yes! This video just saved my day!

Juan Sufle says:

Thank you you fix my problem I really appreciate it hope you keep making videos much love God bless

miiss greenbay says:

I have a Chevy and its doing the same thing it says reduce engine I changed throttle body and spark plugs still says the same

John Morris says:

So most likely GM scammed me by selling me a Tach module, that I didn't really need for some $500.

dancing bam says:

Just happened to me.. but my gas cap was open lol. I closed it and problem solved lllol

Malcom Mooney says:

I like people that use solder

Hussein says:

My father has had the same issue with his Colorado which is a vortech engine as well and his was the electric throttle body had to be replaced which had to be reprogrammed too

Brandon Smith says:

Love these video that I see 10 different reasons so far lol. I give up

Bigrich0g says:

Mine had just came off was in the middle of nowhere it just shut off one dang wire it's been fine but now getting the reduce engine power change the throttle body was fine but it doing it again i think i made the ground to long and i use a thick wire

Sdee Arista says:

Going to the shop tomorrow morning. Hope the fix is this simple ground issue. Thanks for the video!

Brandon Smith says:

I've done everything im stuck

Brent Ferguson says:

It worked. Saved me $$$.
Thank you

Eddie Owens says:

Dude! I definitely owe you lunch lol. I gave the wire a light tug and off it came. I've been chasing this problem for days!

Jayne E says:

neutral safety switch on the side of the transmission. I chased this for a long time.

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