How to Install Grille Mesh on a 2020+ C8 Chevy Corvette by

How to Install Grille Mesh on a 2020+ C8 Chevy Corvette by

This video is for 2020+ Chevy C8 Corvette owners looking to protect their radiators with a high airflow and easy to install mesh screen. Our pre-cut mesh set that is used for the mod is available for purchase in the link below.

If you’re looking for the inner small radiator grille installation video please visit here:
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Bert Shackleford says:

Zip ties?!

That is your mounting solution on these high-end Corvette's?

Especially when the factory offers this add-on ($495) without the need for zip ties. Your product needs improvement.

Stay classy my friend.

whitontheweb says:

Great video! Thanks!

Nick Radojkovic says:

What size torx bits do we need?

John Usa says:

How much will a Chevy dealer charge to install these grill guards?
Or ask this another way, how much is a fair labor charge to install these?
I will buy (supply) these 2 guards myself.

Joe Field says:

Will this installation void the warranty?

Robert MacCready says:

The A/C condensers are in front of the coolant radiators so this never would happen.

GM states it is all BS as they tested for countless miles and it looks bad but no damage over time.

Howard Swing says:

When you have your home AC services they always clean the fins. Their is two types radiator protection grills. The snap in type in held in place with double back tape POS and and the one that fits in back of the existing grill ( more work to install but worth it)

John Lakatos says:

That shit open grill looks homemade scandal from gm motors

Alan Simkins says:

I Have posted on other sites I have called GM about the problem with the grill exposure to damage etc and requested an answer to how to keep warranty intact and correct and protect my car
Since they do not have an equivalent part( OME) to match the after market solution
So far no answer knowing full well that there is a possibility that using after market product might negate the GM Warranties It’s a Catch 22
I have also checked with dealers about installation of these parts and they do not want to run the risk of possibly damaging the grill and radiator when installing and GM would not reimburse them for repair or replacements of radiator or parts since they are not GM (OME)
Hopefully enough owners contact GM about this situation and they address the issue either as a recall or a solution so I he dealers would be paid to install
That would be a Win Win for All Three Owners Dealers and GM resolving a

Alan Simkins says:

Great idea to protect grill while installing mesh with piece of card board to protect from damage at installation
Still fact remains ,that using any of these products which are not GM OME products does not answer how these effect your GM Warranty and Extended Warranty if anything happens to the radiator

shiumai says:

Just stick some cardboard in front of the radiator the same shape as the grill before installing the mesh to protect the radiator fins. Remove cardboard once the grill is tied in.

madmotorcyclist says:

At last someone has addressed a design flaw in the 2020 Yvette.

KCImages says:

Notice this is a non z51 car .

Ferdinand Muniz says:

Do you sell this mesh screens for the 2020 
Z51 corvette

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