Chevy Lost the VOLTS? (HV Battery DISABLED – P1FFF P0AA6)

Chevy Lost the VOLTS? (HV Battery DISABLED – P1FFF P0AA6)

This 2012 Chevy Volt has DISABLED it’s EV Battery system and now identifies as a “regular car” running just on it’s combustion engine.

2 Codes stored:
P0AA6 – EV Battery Isolation Lost
P1FFF- EV Battery System Disabled

Let’s do some research and see why this Green Machine is fussing.
Can we repair it on the spot?





737mechanic says:

When you tried to reset the codes with the scan tool and it couldn't do it because it said "High Voltage Battery Circuit Contactor Not Open" do you think that means you needed to pull the high voltage disconnect and then see if it would reset. Just a thought.

Jim Haines says:

They sell the public in these cars saying trouble free service free and they are far from it

Jose Silveira says:

EVs are weird! And a whole new range of (expensive) problems come with them – reprogram a module to clear a DTC? Good job, Ivan!

Josh Benney says:

How much is the programming fee? And where did you download the program? As i want the same stuff lol. At least the Volt has some power back lol. It's now volting!! Hahaha. Great job Ivan. Sounds complicated to diagnose it when it's requires programming!!

jackie may says:

i think that any manufacturer that has a update to fix known faults the update should be free as they could set up a timer on every car to get money from customers ie held to ransom soon as it is known they fix for free then they loose they may get better reliability first time

Bill Johnson says:

I'm stick with petro autos.

mark smith says:

Battery cars still not as good as they say

DaddyBeanDaddyBean says:

PHAD: (posts video on a broken/disabled EV)
The YouTube Algorithm: "I know JUST what to do with YOU!" (inserts ad for Lexus EVs)

star662 says:

An 11 yo GM electric vehicle in the rust belt with 90K. My recommendation would be the Scrap Yard.

zx8401ztv says:

What a nuisance design, hopefully people will 'Charge away' from this car 😀

arcadeuk says:

This video is a perfect example of why I am never buying an electric car. Almost anything to do with the high voltage systems requires online programming and several manufactures do not even make the tools or software available outside of the dealer network at all. They use "safety" as they reason why they say non-dealer repair shops are not allowed to work on HV repairs

Greg Bell says:

Fortunately we never got those "quality" General Mess shit boxes here in OZ!

jeff baldwin says:

The best PHEV ever made that no one knows about. GM was way ahead of their time with this one. The Prius Prime of its day. Too bad they killed it. Good on you for taking it on and good work as usual.

Dansk says:

This pos can be triggered by parking on a steep road. Absolutely useless. Great for mechanics though

Ram14250 says:

I used to love GM products, but not anymore. My last was a Cadillac. Full of electronic glitches. Never again! Just don't need the constant "Dealer Headaches"…. and expenses!

DJB says:

And this is the Future of cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D M says:

A GM EV or hybrid seems like a risky investment. They already build sub par cars with hideous ecotec motors.

Crispr Talk says:

A Volt is a hybrid? I thought it was an EV.

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