Auto Bodywork Rust Repair And Primer For Paint / Box Chevy Caprice LS Brougham Project Update

Auto Bodywork Rust Repair And Primer For Paint / Box Chevy Caprice LS Brougham Project Update

Box Chevy Caprice LS Brougham Update

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DIY Body Work & Primer For Paint. 1987 Box Chevy Caprice LS Brougham Update. I will be repairing some rust spots and getting the bodywork done for primer & paint. Any questions feel free to ask….SprayWayCustoms
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Primer Used : Urekem HS 2K Polyurethane Primer Surfacer UP-61
Gun Used : SATAjet 1000 B RP 1.8 Tip



Aldomoro Nelson says:

Man once again magic was performed in front of us. You got me wanting to do the same right now, great job as always bro.

Shorty Duwop says:

I’m in the process of changing my backdoors on my Ls brougham the door handles were shaved, i can use any back doors off another box? I took the qtr glass n cover out

Printiss Graham says:

Can i get u to do my jaguar

dwayne whitaker says:

Nice vid alot of work went in on this vid salute

Juan Franco says:

Good work man. Always learning something new from you

Roddie Dodd says:

I left you my number hit me Frfr

Remi Thomas says:

great work how much for a paint job have Delta 88 wanna use all kandy

Keith Spencer Sr. says:

Really wish I was close to where your at, would love to come and learn, help would be pretty fun. I know everyone love those old Chevy but I think a old Grand Prix would be the one, a beautiful baby blue with a white leather interior, oh and a nice pop of pearl over the baby blue

LSJUAN says:

Clean as a whistle. Spray when you’re ready to LS swap that thing let me know. I’ll make you a harness.

TwinSOLid87ls says:

Great job!!

BlacqueOne976 says:

Great work!!! Dropping the videos like a mixtape lol i can dig it keep them coming fam

michael stamper says:

you do some nice work

AnotherHotOne says:

Professional job

Robert Martin says:

Always good content keep rolling on

Chili Styles says:

Song at 23:50?

Vocals 43 says:

Man I Love your videos your very good and whoever's car that is should really appreciate your extra effort and time to get together

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