Mary Kay Cadillac Deville || Cadillac Sedan deVille

Mary Kay Cadillac Deville || Cadillac Sedan deVille

Join us on a thrilling journey as I unveil the incredible story of discovering a forgotten treasure – a 1992 Mary Kay Pink Cadillac deVille, tucked away in an old garage carport. Prepare to be amazed as we rescue this classic beauty from 20 years of neglect. Witness the moment I first laid eyes on this iconic vehicle, covered in dust and memories of its glorious past! Join me on this journey as we turn back the hands of time and breathe new life into this 1992 Mary Kay Pink Cadillac deVille. Don’t miss out on this captivating adventure that will leave you inspired to uncover your own hidden treasures!


To the best of my knowledge to become eligible for a coveted Mary Kay Pink Cadillac you must complete these steps….

1. Join Mary Kay: To begin the journey towards earning a Pink Cadillac, one must become a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant. This involves signing up with Mary Kay and becoming an active representative.

2. Build a Customer Base: Sales representatives need to establish a strong customer base by actively promoting and selling Mary Kay products. This involves hosting parties, conducting one-on-one consultations, and utilizing various marketing techniques to attract customers.

3. Achieve Consistent Sales: To qualify for a Pink Cadillac, Mary Kay sales reps need to consistently achieve high sales volumes over a specific period of time. The exact sales targets may vary depending on the region and the specific requirements set by Mary Kay.

4. Recruit and Lead a Team: In addition to personal sales, Mary Kay sales reps are encouraged to recruit and mentor a team of consultants. By building and leading a successful team, they can generate higher sales and increase their chances of qualifying for a Pink Cadillac.

5. Attend Training and Events: Mary Kay provides training and resources for sales reps to enhance their skills and knowledge. Attending these training sessions and participating in company events can contribute to a sales rep’s overall success and eligibility for a Pink Cadillac.

6. Meet Timeframe and Maintenance Requirements: Once a sales representative qualifies for a Pink Cadillac, they need to maintain their sales performance to keep the car. Mary Kay often sets specific timeframes for achieving the sales goals and may require ongoing qualification to retain the vehicle.


-This information is factual to the best of my knowledge.
-I do not own the rights to any pictures used.
-I do not recommend trying this process on your own.



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I LOVE THIS CAR! Great color!

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