How to replace the HVAC programmer on a 1986 to 1991 Cadillac Seville Eldorado

How to replace the HVAC programmer on a 1986 to 1991 Cadillac Seville Eldorado

In this video I show how to replace an HVAC programmer that’s gone bad in my 1989 Cadillac Seville. This is the same procedure in cars 1986 to 1991. This basically is a blend door actuator but it just has more complexity as it uses electricity and vacuum actuation to control it.

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@user-ex1du9fj4m says:

I have a 94 DeVille and I've been trying to get my programmer out for months ! I've searched the internet for a while. I didn't think your video would help me because your Cadillac is older then mine and I was pleasantly surprised that it was pretty much all the same except the location of the glove box. Your video saved me ! Thank you for going into such detail and explaining step-by-step what you did. You're awesome.

@ronaldwarren5220 says:

Excellent video. I could still follow along even though it was a bit shaky. I need to do this on my 88 Eldorado. The guy I bought it from had someone install a new heater control valve and thinks they missed hooking up a vacuum line. Now I know how to do this job! Thank you so much and happy Valentine's Day 2023!!!!!!!!!

@thereelrosso1996 says:

You did a wonderful job!

@thereelrosso1996 says:

I have a 1991, thank you so much. One side is blowing cold, the other hot when it's on 90 heat. And it's only blowing defroster. Going to give this a try

@elijahgutierrez1839 says:

i have a 87 seville and these videos are helping a lot thank you

@alabamadeep4471 says:

I have a 1986. Yours must be a 1987 or 88? Bc the 4.5. I have a 4100. I really need pics of your wiring fuse boxes and so much more.

@alabamadeep4471 says:

I have close to the same model. How do I remove the ecm? I've unplugged mine to a new one but can't get the old one out

@EnoughTalkPodcast says:

What is the name of the part n part number I can not find it for my 91 Seville

@shadsmith6891 says:

U tryna fucc

@jaycormack4118 says:

Poor cadillac hope u restore it I saw a classic american ford pickup truck few weeks ago went up my street big block V-8 rumble very unusual over in my country except for collectors auto shows looked a rusted colour 🙂 nasty

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