How to Replace a Fuel Filter in a Buick Lesabre

How to Replace a Fuel Filter in a Buick Lesabre

IN THIS VIDEO we replace the fuel filter in a 1998 Buick Lesabre. This is quick and easy job that can be done with basic tools. Parts are linked below.

Thanks for watching the video. I hope it was useful. Below are links to the parts and tools (or types of tools) I used in this video. I do earn money from any purchases made through the Amazon links, so if you were to say, purchase something through these links, it would help support the channel – Thanks!

Fuel filter:

Bent nose pliers
Basic wrench set
Crescent wrench

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K Mo says:

Also that ticking noise do you know what that is mine does it too

K Mo says:

Hey I have the same car 01 what made you change the fuel filter? Was it a p305 code ?

Douglas Fox says:

That's a Beautiful 1990's Buick Lesabre…..That paint looks stunning and obviously a well kept car…I've owned 2 Lesabres..1997 and a 2000…I like the 1990's better..can't beat that Bulletproof 3.8..GM messed up dropping that engine in 2006-2008

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