How To Install A Pertronix Igniter Electronic Ignition on 1970 Buick Riviera Video V8TV

How To Install A Pertronix Igniter Electronic Ignition on 1970 Buick Riviera Video V8TV

How To Install A Pertronix Igniter Electronic Ignition – 314.783.8325
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Our 1970 Buick Riviera is an all-stock and original ride, and we don’t plan on restoring this car anytime soon. However, we do like driving it, so we elected to install a Pertronix Igniter electronic ignition module and Flame Thrower ignition coil our original distributor to eliminate the mechanical breaker points and enjoy smoother starts and better performance.

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grabir01 says:

Use the LS version. No need to remove the distributor.

Anon7000_ELECT says:

Did you by chance bypass the resistor wire as recommend by PerTronix? I am installing the Ignitor II on my 1972 Corvette and the instructions recommend bypassing the resistor wire for maximum voltage. Or does it really matter?

Christopher Munoz says:

what one do i need for a 69 rivi with 430

Colin Rolerkite says:

Does the Pertronix unit mess with the factory tach?

ray ward says:

Great video Kev! Would love to see you
do some suspension mods to firm up the ride. Keep the vids on your Riv coming please.

bill thompson says:

that's awesome I never heard of it I didn't know you were a Gearhead when you put that in and you get bit closer then 25 or wider than 25 does it make a difference in the performance

Brian Orfant says:

Thanks for the info. BTW, the Muscle Car Of The Week is awesome. I look forward to each new episode.

Brian Orfant says:

Did you do anything special to make the paint look as nice as it does?

Prog X says:

I love Buick Riviera's and Wildcat's !!!!! My Fav's are the 1967' Wildcat Custom Spt.Cpe with the 430-4Bbl and Riviera of the same year but like the 68-70' Rivs also ! Nice car. Semper Fi

D Fuller says:

Would Richmond custom build a ring a pinion to work in the Riv?

Kz5ive says:

Me Padre had a 1970 Buick Le Sabre. It was brown with a beige top. Bench seat.

Paul Copeland says:

Dang, I was hoping you would replace the vacuum advance while you had the distributor out (hint, hint). After 46 years, that little guy is due to spring a leak. It is a real pain in the rear when you develop a vacuum leak plus an advance problem from one pesky part. Great survivor car! My dad had a variety of these Riviera's from 67 to I think 76. I remember them as loaded with every option ( my first experience with a FM stereo radio!). I thought that was what the Riviera was all about. I like the idea that yours is basic, very unusual. That 455 is a hard running engine. Back in the day, more than once, I was "that guy" who dusted my buddies hot rods with dads car. I had my own hot rod (57 Chev 2 door) but every once in awhile it was fun to take out the "Riv" and let her run. Nice find. Good luck with it. Paul

Auto Young says:

That's one pretty car.

Kenton Groombridge says:

Nice car. I think you ought to showcase oddball cars every now and then.

MyHotRodTV says:

Cool. Electronic is the only way to go on the older points system cars. I have had a few people tell me that they have had all kinds of problems with electronic distributors and always go back to points. Myself, I even run an electronic distributor in my 1957 Harley. It is the only way to go.

Maindrian Pace says:

Nice car, Kevin. Unusual distributor design with the advance weights on top. In my experience, the Pertronix likes a full 12 volts powering it up, and as most breaker point ignitions had a resisted (7-8 volts) power supply wire, I run a switched 12V from the ignition switch to the unit, and to the coil if a new internally resisted coil is used. I run the original resisted wire to the coil if it is the original one that requires the lower voltage.

orange70383 says:

Very nice'

Listening Point says:

I recently had new cam bearings and camshaft put in a 304 V8, the valves and lifters aren't back in yet but the cam doesn't turn by hand. Is that normal?

Darrren Betker says:

i had the same one. amarican edition. brown buckets leather….fully loaded. loved it.

Buick Mackane says:

Why did you keep the weights on the distributor? Will the Pertronix ignition work without the weights installed?

GlassTopRX7 says:

Aside from ascetics doesn't function any better than the factory HEI by GM?


looks easy. thinkin about my 69 bb

Lasse Huhtala says:

I put an Ignitor/Flamethrower on my 302 Ford years ago and I can just second what you said, it made the engine run much steadier on any rev.
Very nice, cheap upgrade for older vehicles.

Héctor says:

Loved the video tutorial, beautiful car.

MFSB says:

The brothers want to add it to their collection?

kloner says:

great looking cars. classy with power.

cell pat says:

I love the 70 riv for the same reason as you, kev: it is a 1 year only design.

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