How To Install A Pergola Cover – Regal Plastics Hercules System

How To Install A Pergola Cover – Regal Plastics Hercules System

In this video we will show you how to install a pergola cover. The pergola covering we use is from Regal Plastics, and it is a tinted waterproof pergola cover system. The cover comes is 2 ft wide panels and comes in any length you need. We use these pergola covers a lot, as they are a lot cheaper than building a traditional shingled roof but still carry most of the benefits. One added benefit of this pergola cover over a traditional roof is that it still allows some light through.





BLANCA ROSA Iribas says:

Fabulosos tus trabajos, saludos y BENDICIONES desde Argentina!!!

jeffrey burdick says:

Could /would you shoot a close up of those clips when you install.
I'm sure it's probably Murphy proof.

But I used to party with him.. so if it can get screwed up –i would.

djexclusivee says:

Dude you are going to make me look like Im actually worth a buck! Hahahah

Joe S. says:

How much are you're 3D computerized blueprints for people's back yard? 1,500? I need a blueprint for my backyard patio

j mert_58 says:

Looks awesome.

Douglas Fields says:

do you cut to length on sight or pre order length from supplier?

Money Making Mike G. says:

Man oh Man have the pergola posts evolved in the past year. Let's see… stone, stone & metal, decorators & metal & all decorators… waiting to see the posts wrapped vertically in an upcoming job. They've really become a Premier Outdoor Living staple & signature piece!! So many clean lines in this one guys. Hoping all is well, Dirty Jersey out!!!

Hiner Outdoor Living says:

The sunburn saver!

Mark Reyes says:

In your experience, how much do you think the UV protection these provide really prolongs the life of the Pergola (perlins and shade slats) or is that just marketing? Thanks and love the channel!!

qwehttam says:

How has your business been affected by the insane rise of lumber prices?

Jason Keller says:

I was just searching YouTube for a.pergola cover and came across this product. Sean, this looks great! Would you stain cedar outdoor furniture with timber oil if you didn't want the silver petina or what other product would you recommend? Thanks.

jaime del salto says:

How much its the cost of that plastic roof x sheet

lyndzhang says:

Most of the polycabonate roofing I can find requires a 3 to 5 degrees fall to let the water, dirt and leaves run off. Does this cover have fall? Thanks

Manoj Srivastava says:

I want to install the deck around the above ground pool.. who can help with that?

mistere early says:

Damn, this company is literally art. Only a matter of time before he has his own show on HGTV

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