2011 Buick Regal headlight replacement

2011 Buick Regal headlight replacement

How to access Buick Regal driver side headlight



Joey says:


Don't Try Just Do No Excuses says:

Thanks but what about the driver side?

birdsong00 says:

How'd you actually get the light oit though? Do you twist, pull…etc?

blizzy63 says:

53 second video. Short, sweet, and to the point. Thanks for this!

Stephanie Harrison says:

So helpful! Thank you!!

CdC-AsSaSsIn says:

I own a 2013. If i were to replace OEM bulb with brighter bulb would it mess with adjustment/alignment of the light?

jason kirby says:

I tried it this way and the bulb would not come out for me. How do I get the bulb out? Thanks a lot. Every other video has guys taking the whole lamp out. Not really trying to do that.

Eyes of Mav says:

The problem with the Buick regal 2011 a lot of times is the ballast collects water from condensation and has to be changed , so this my not fully work for people with that problem. Its not necessarily the bulb so much as it is the ballast that causes the bulb to go out. So if you see condensation in the housing then just changing the bulb might only work temporarily.. I have this problem…..

Bob Wilson says:

I was fearing the worst. I am very pleasantly surprised. Thanks for posting this.

wat react says:

omg thanks inwas at AutoZone fiddling with it forever and just camr back home was gonna pull off assembly tomorrow you just saved me so much time

gilmouracadamy says:

Huge help showing removal of the wiper filler neck!  The passenger side is a breeze.  Just changed both bulbs on my '13. THANKS!

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