How to change rear springs on BMW 3 E90 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

How to change rear springs on BMW 3 E90 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

How to change rear springs / rear coil springs / rear suspension springs on BMW 3 E90 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

Top brands that produce springs: BOSCH, STARK, SACHS, SKF, VAN WEZEL, VALEO, LuK, MAPCO, A.B.S., ATE.

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luke clark says:

Good video but lower suspension mounts should be torqued to spec.

Lower control arm should also be torqued on the ground

humberto fonseca says:

Excellent job

1 says:

If you go to part 2:54, what is that little rubber part that you put onto the spring? You didnt show that coming out?

simplelangperorock says:

the owner of that car is so lucky 🙂

Sorin Irimiea says:

Do you recommend any other manufacturer other than Kayaba?

Rick w says:

Very helpful video. Thank you!

Mark Wright says:

Not a torque wrench in sight?

Levente Farkas says:

Don t order from them !!! You prove then that they send the wrong parts ane they won t recognize the truth !
They send parts wich they don t fit the car and when you want to send them back they Look for reasons to not get them back . Even if theyr customer serive recomanded the parts !!!!

Oi Shirley says:

Why is the back so much more easy than the front?

Sekhar says:

Hi @ 3:18 what is the name of the tool used to extend the lower control arm ?

andy turnbull says:

As others have already said, it is very hard to put the control arm bold back in! But it is possible if you loosen and adjust the camber bolt so the arm moves out as far as possible. If you do it this way remember to mark the bolt position before hand

Dean A says:

This dude is slick, i wish when i done vehicle work it looked this graceful. I glow red with anger due to bolts getting stuck because of rust/ corrosion, WD40 Is my best mate

Derek Tuggle says:

I tried this and it does not work! Do not remove the e12 bolts at 1:13. If you do that, you're going to have to use a prybar to shimmy the rubber boot out of the control arm (which works although is a huge pain), but the near impossible part is to put it back in after the spring is in. Instead, remove the bolt that connects the rubber boot from the shock. Then there is no shimmying of the rubber boot out of the control arm; the strut just comes clean out from the rubber boot.

You can see the rubber boot in question at 2:30 and how he magically got it separated from the control arm without any effort. Then he magically gets the rubber boot back in between 3:47 and 3:53 – see how the frame ends with the rubber boot out of the control arm, then he looks at it, then beginning of the next frame it's inside the control arm.

dominque B777 says:

Hey I’m currently replacing my rear springs on my e92. At 2:00 what technique do you use with the screw driver to remove the through bolt from the lower control arm? I have mines half way though but it doesn’t want to come all the way out

Devin Goetsch says:

My god, this guy is a smoother than a freshly shaved dolphin nutsack.

AC2EY Cholakov says:

i got the stock springs but i want to lift the car a bit what is the maximum lenght of springs on the market and give me brand pls,tnx

Juice box says:

My god this video is so beautiful haha, so graceful lol thanks

RC10452 says:

Do you recommend replacing the spring upper and lower pads as well, when you replace the springs?

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