BMW DIY: Fix That Rattling Exhaust!

BMW DIY: Fix That Rattling Exhaust!

Hey guys, Taylor here! Ever have that annoying exhaust rattle in your BMW? Its more common then you think and easy to fix yourself! Don’t pay the dealer if you’re out of warranty, I’ll show you how to replace the part step-by-step.

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Part: Fixing Bow # 18307620323

Link to ECS tuning for part:

Tools you’ll need: ¼ in. Ratchet, Ratchet Extention, 10mm socket, & 13mm socket. A Ramp will make it easier to access, but isn’t necessary.

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Mike Papa says:

Fixing bow, my man. Thanks for the good video.

Vlad P says:

mine was doing the same, thanks!


Sounds like a 2 stroke

Nico Antonio says:

Happened today as I got home. Glad this is an easy fix. I thought I had a huge issue.

Felipe Baccan says:

Does anyone know where to get this part in Australia. This ecs charges $45 for shipping on a $8 product..

Harry Visser says:

2 thumbs up, dude…

Lindsay Smith says:

I first thought it was my knock sensor, but I'm hoping once I replace it with that spring this weekend, it will get rid of the noise. I will just have to turn my radio volume up in the mean time lol

BIvinski A says:

bruh! I'm taking your words and getting that bow, hope it works!! it it does than I'll give you a thumps up!

Naithen Pion says:

At the dealer right now. They are changing me $98 to fix it. I can live with that.

Joe Pratt says:

Great video bimma bradda

Kevin Rodriguez says:

Great video! Dealership was going to charge me $186 to fix it. Just got the part and now time to install. This video actually helped me in advance, thanks.

Michael Coleman says:

Thanks for this

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