DIY Audi A6/A7 cabin air filter replacement

DIY Audi A6/A7 cabin air filter replacement

Easy DIY for A7 cabin air filter change



Stephen Cannon says:

If your filter doesn’t have the tab there is a real quick and cheap fix.

Cut a very small slit (1/8-1/4”) in the pleat nearest the access panel side. Thread a small ZipTie around the center. Secure ZipTie with just enough slack to be able to either grab your fingers or a small hook tool/pliers and pull the next time filter has to be removed.

Note use a contrasting color ZipTie. Most filters are white or possibly charcoal if they have the charcoal/baking soda treated. Use a red, blue, black etc…..

Another tip is to spray a fairly liberal coating of FeBreeze on both sides of the filter immediately prior to installing the new filter. This will give a nice tropical fresh scent for a few days that works through the vents.

If you can bring the vehicle to the tropics bring the fresh tropical scents to the vehicle.

Good video and the 2012 is much easier than the 2010….they had two filters and had to remove the lower instruments panel cover. Biggest part was contorting the body into the weird position. 2012 much easier and only one filter.

J Trujillo says:

Thank you. For some reason an Audi's AC will start to stink after a while.

Que D says:


RedPillPaul says:

Thanks bro!

Boyan Kasarov says:

Thanks man, perfect video, very nice explained.

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