Crazy Bi-Turbo Audi Maintenance Procedures – Camshaft Seal and Gasket Replacement

Crazy Bi-Turbo Audi Maintenance Procedures – Camshaft Seal and Gasket Replacement

In this video I will show you the cost and labor involved in maintaining a Bi-Turbo Audi. I will guide you through the procedures involved in replacing the camshaft seals, camshaft plugs, camshaft chain tensioner gasket, half moon seal and the valve cover gaskets. I think if you are thinking of buying an Audi you should watch this video.

Here are links to products which were used in this video:

Half Moon Seal and Gasket:
Camshaft Seals and Plug Set:
Chain Tensioner Special Tool:
Camshaft Locking Tool:
Valve Cover Gasket: Felpro (From Local Parts Store)

Maximum Oil Resistance RTV:
My 1/4″ Impact Driver:
1/4″ Torque Wrench:


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Erik Ayala says:

Is there hoes clamps on the other piping u put on before the y pipe?

xelaju8 says:

Greatly detailed videos. Thank you man.

Gerd Beckmann says:

Hello I have a 2005 AUDI Allroad 2.7 bi-turbo – alternator is not working – no output voltage – can it be replaced without doing the front end service position removal of front end?

cramesor1 says:

Hi, I have a question.
Can I get to the passenger side cam chain & tensioner (even reple the tensioner) without removing the timing belt / cover and items in the front?

Red908Neon says:

just found your videos, good stuff man!

Ramon Ibarra says:

Yes I'm special so I need all info on 2000 Audi A6 Quattro 2.7 T… I'm leaking motor oil do I need all info on turbos

Lakota Pride says:

What happen if the special tool break

Lakota Pride says:

I think I know that guy ha ha ha ha

Richard Fernandez says:

Your long videos work well because of your tempo.

Lakota Pride says:

You are the best

kellilovski says:

thanks for your guidance,I having both 2.8 and 2.7 c5a6 as well,itโ€™s really helpful and gave me lots confidence to start do those things by myself which it could save a lot of labour fees

Ramon Ibarra says:

I'm trying to keep up with your videos on Audi A6… My turbos are leaking oil but can't find your videos on it

Jeffrey Walker says:

FYI: The driver's side intake cam seal on the rear is a different part than the front seals. The cam rotates in the rear seal counterclockwise, whereas it's clockwise on the front seals. All of the new VW Audi cam seals are PFTE without a spring under the lip and are supposed to be installed DRY.

Don't install the valve covers until AFTER you get the new timing belt installed. Then rotate the engine by hand at least two rotations, then reinstall the cam locking bar, check and recheck the timing on the cam marks. Count the chain link pins. If after that you're sure the timing is right, you can then install the valve covers.

The timing chain tensioner plastic shoes should have been replaced when the tensioners were out. These wear out, get brittle and break off, leaving plastic bits in the head and down in the oil pan, cause metal to metal sliding contact between the timing chain and tensioner, cause extra slack in the chain, and then the chain can then jump a tooth or two and cause the valves to collide with the piston tops. Yes I am speaking from experience. Happy wrenching.

Jay Rivers says:

great video thank you for your time & effort.

Carlos Contreras says:

I really like your videos
You Are awesome

Fake Account says:

well spoken easy to understand

Bigbird Johnson says:

Really helped! I have a 2000 audi a6 2.7t that I just got recently and when I pulled the spark plugs there was oil on them, thank you for being so informative and detailed

Leandros Komninos says:

thanks, detail is helpful, doing a repair of A6 with cam belt failure.

brushie _jp says:

I keep hearing these "myths" that you can replace the camshaft chain tensioner gaskets on the driver side without taking the timing belt off, the more I see this, the more I wonder how much those people have suffered just to do that, if they did. Since you've done this at least twice now from your videos, do you think that's also an impossibility?

ferkemall says:

FK you must enjoy pain working on shit like that are you doing that for a penance for some bad you did in a former life !/UK

shemmmo says:

Longer detailed video is better, bcs i can fast forward when needed ๐Ÿ™‚

Terje S says:

OMG you are so skilled and thorough!

90s Kid says:

really late to this but im have an audi 2002 2.7 biturbo . this video detailed as it is helped me out so much. i put you on a flat screen infront of me while i worked on the car and its running perfect with 230k miles on it. thank you so much for making these videos!!! we appreicate you and keep it up please

bryon faust says:

Yes, I really appreciate your longer videos. I have 2 C5 A6's, both 2.7l, and both needing this exact work done

lepidolite2009 says:

I know i'm seeing this late, but I like all the details. It means even more now, that it is documented

Rob Arthur says:

Top videos have helped me out massively with my s4 rebuild

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