How to Replace Front Stabilizer Sway Bar Links for Acura & Honda Accord

How to Replace Front Stabilizer Sway Bar Links for Acura & Honda Accord

Hi guys and welcome.
sorry I made a mistake at 1:23
if you have a car like mine over 17 year old you need to change your sway bar links there not very expensive and is not difficult to install, and I very happy for the new end links because they are stronger that the stock part.
Please let me know if you have questions on this installation.
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Camera that I use for this video Sony RX 100
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Mecias Rivera says:

Bullet I have a question is there a difference between a stabilizer link sway bar link and bushing link

Robert Nardello says:

thanks my dude, appreciate the tutorial.

Jerry Garcia says:

Great job as you stated "make it easy for me" Thank you…. Do I need to take the vehicle in for a front end alignment after the replacement?

Carlos Sanchez says:

Great video like always

Vince Del Fabbro says:

Nice videos bro. I have a 98 accord so your videos relate to my issues a lot. I'm having a hard time with my front end suspension noise and not sure where to start but it looks like you're replacing damn near every suspension part

Gene Friedman says:

Hi Bullet, this video helped me a great deal. It is really well made. The pictures are clear and you have great advice using the vice grips. I got worried when the ball joint spins when loosening the nut. I thought I would have to cut it which is a pain in the ass. But the Honda link comes apart real easy with a hammer and pry bar – those 4 little buttons on the back of the link is actually plastic – just break them right off. Then I just use the vice grip on the ball joint like you. Thanks again for uploading this.

Mak933 says:

What's the recommended torque spec when tightening these?

Noel Alegado says:

Hi, thanks for the video. What is the brand of link that you installed. I have a 2001 accord lx and planning of replacing the front sway bar links.

Atif Butt says:

Hi bro my Honda accord 2000 misfire. 3000 rpm plz help me

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