How To Make You Car Backfire More! Acura TSX Manifold Install

How To Make You Car Backfire More! Acura TSX Manifold Install

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Today my friend and i show you one of the ways on how to make your car backfire more, Acura TSX Manifold Install.

Joakim Karud – Dreams
Joakim Karud :

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Alexander Ubiera says:

What exhaust do tou have bro ?

JR Music says:

What exhaust is that?

Jdm Cars are perfect says:

Does a Throttlebody spacer do the same thing??

J&J Car videos says:

What exhaust is that ?

Shaggy EP3_215 says:

My guy … you need a proper tune for it to spit fire. Not just bolt on's

Jbrowndown says:

These guys are idiots. They just half assed mods. If you do intake manifold do exhaust manifold, get a tune, do it right. Don't ruin that poor car.

Agitated Geoduck says:

Typo in the title, should be “How to blow the motor on your Acura TSX”

Jdm Cars are perfect says:

Did the stock Throttlebody fit or you had to get a bigger one??

Fish Sauce says:

Sounds like a D series now lol

Angel Soto says:

I feel like this guy takes credit for his friend’s build.

The_Harbour_Boys says:

Sounds like a civic, a angry bee

kurt her says:

what the site u buy ur manfiold from

Anthony Gudiel says:

Yo I know Alejandro he goes to Lorenzo with me


Do you have any extra HP whit that mode or only better sound? How much cost it? Can i have a link for that Manifold,please? Cheers!

Adam Major says:

Nice, now you are running super lean. Great job…

Christopher Suarez says:

Bro if you want it to spit flames you delete the catalytic converter and delete the resonator and muffler. Basically straight piping

Caleb says:

he was pretty paranoid about the coolant getting in his mouth

Manuel Calderon says:

Did he said he take out the injectors and spark plugs wtf the spark plugs have to do with the intake manifold

Richie Flex says:

Will the popping sound work even if I have a catalytic converter?


u won't gain much of anything without getin hondata. gota get on that hondata life.

Sam K says:

is it carb legal?

Adamantium Hound says:

Lol these dudes show exhaust clips after intake manifold and filter swap. Dumb af

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