Installing a New Radio & Speakers 1988-94 Chevy Truck #ETCGDadsTruck

This is (Episode 19) of the #ETCGDadsTruck Series. Link to (Episode 20): https://youtu.be/i5Zy04iBvzI Link to (Episode 18): https://youtu.be/I49YS-Nqn2U Extended Version of this video: https://www.ericthecarguy.com/exclusive-videos/73-exclusive-videos/2402-installing-a-new-radio-speakers-1988-94-chevy-truck-etcgdadstruck-extended-version-exclusive-video With the interior mostly out of the truck, and the engine off at the machine shop, I took the opportunity to install the radio and speakers in #ETCGDadsTruck. This video would […]