HOW TO FIX VOLVO XC90 6CD in-dash changer CD-Box Step-by-Step tutorial #volvoxc90 #volvo #diy

HOW TO FIX VOLVO XC90 6CD in-dash changer CD-Box Step-by-Step tutorial #volvoxc90 #volvo #diy

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In this video You can see how to replace Volvo XC90 in dash 6CD changer mechanism. This video complies with Mitsubishi Electric CO. CD changer mechanism. Same mechanism is used in various brand cars (Ford, Chrysler).
I’m not professional electronics repairman, so You don’t see ESD mat and professional soldering station and techniques. This repair is done to my personal car and all equipment You see, is bought with my own money.

You can get more info how to do this repair from forum thread:
New CD changer is available at

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@mdl1027 says:

Just watched a video that told me to punch it lol it worked. Had this same error

@TheBreadSliceMaster says:

Greeting from Sweden!

This should work for my S40 2004 too right?

I took out my 6CD changer and it had the model no. CD-CP1. I looked it up on lasertrader and the changer it finds lists both the CD-CP1 and the CD-CP28 which should mean that we use the same changer right? So it should theoretically work if i just follow your guide?

My changer is just permanently stuck, it spit out 2 discs at once and one of those thin metal circular thingies that is on the inside in between the discs.

I need it to work for at least 1 CD permanently just to be able to install a certain CD to AUX mod.

@rubbishcar says:

Hea töö!
Tänu vaeva ja video eest!

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