Car door window removal, installation, replacement, Volvo 850, S70, V70, XC70, etc. – VOTD

Car door window removal, installation, replacement, Volvo 850, S70, V70, XC70, etc. – VOTD

Door glass replacement: 30 to 60 minutes ($30 / $160 / $300)

x70 Door panel removal:
850 Door panel removal:
For other door panel removals, search my YouTube channel.

This video is compliments of some mean kid that busted my window out while I was visiting a friend in Little Rock, AR. Took my laptop, small cooler and back up hard drive (with several unfinished video’s on it).



Kat Herder says:

Hey Robert, is there a way to disable the express down for drivers side window? I hate that and this morning my window came out of the track and is partially outside the window frame. Just want to get it back in and will order parts to fix proper later. Any help GREATLY appreciated. '97 850 GLT.

amarz1910 says:

Hey Robert. Do you have video for front window replacement? My window guide detached from window regulator

Juan Rodriguez says:

Youre fantastic. Thanks for the instructional videos robert

Albin Bergqvist says:

Man how in The lord's name did u tint the Windows? I tried 2times on my 1998 xc70 but its just fucked up twice, i know how to change turbos and harder stuff but goddamn Those fucking rounded window cant do a tint for shit plz do a tutorial

Brandon Piller says:

I have a 98 s90 I was wondering what other cars are compatible are the s70 windows the same?

Joicelyn springer says:

Robert I have a Volvo v70 2004. I was wondering if you could tell me if I can somehow put a piece of tinted plexiglass in it till I can afford the replacement which is $491 plus tax just for basic glass.

Scott Strickland says:

01 etc are different in the rear – how do you get the rivets out and replaced? Drill and replace?

Brent McGill says:

You're the best Robert. Your videos have made my life a LOT easier. Big thanks.

Donn Liebener says:

It's always Robert to show me how to fix my 04 S80

zodiak d.l.b says:

can u help me with replace window in volvo v70 2000 2.3 t 250hp
right back passenger window

Michael Barnett says:

Robert, thanks for this video! I have just had my back window smashed in so someone could help themselves to my stuff as well! With the help of your video it should make the replacement a whole lot easier! Cheers

Tamara LeRoy says:

Dear Robert,

Thank you so much for your very practical and helpful video. I am a busy single mom, and so is my friend. Her window fell down into the door (thankfully without breaking) and together with the help of your video we were able to follow your clear instructions and put the window back into place and order the replacement part (the little plastic slidey-thingy broke.) We were able to do this in the driveway of my conservative community with beers and lots of laughs – a bonding experience rather than just another expense that none of us can afford.

The time and effort you put into this really helped us out. It's winter in Oregon, and it's wet and she's got kiddos to drive around. Your extra little tips were super helpful too. Thanks again! So much gratitude.

josephine westlund says:

+Robert DIY
Urgent question: Have to replace the motor driver side 97 – V70. Do I have to pop the glass out of the rail before loosening the 10 mm bots that holds the regulator arm and motor assembly? Will the widow just drop down when I pop the two clips for the guides? I cursed when I saw the actual motor bolts were attached from the inside (Why?)
Hope to see an answer, thanks for the video..

Charles Garo Boyadjian says:

Thanks Robert, this video is very helpful indeed and shows the inner workings of the door very well.

Paulo says:

hey robert, i have a 98 volvo s70. my window on the front passenger side when i roll it up doesn't slide into the window sealant properly (it angles slightly forward leaving a small gap near the rear vertical axis of the window). The result is a small gap between the window and window sealant/housing and lots of air noise in the cabin especially at higher speeds. Do you think I need to replace the window regulator and motor or reset the window in the housing? Do you think that would correct the problem? thanks,

Joshua Nickerson says:

Thanks for all the great Volvo posts. Ive had a 240, 940, and two s70s. Recently my passenger front window got stuck in the down position. The electric window would only go down and not up. Like an idiot I was going down to see if the switch would kick in to bring it back up and now it is stuck completely down. All other windows work fine. This is a 98 S70 and there are not regular fuses for windows but rather it is a self regulated breaker (or so the manual says). All I can figure is the motor is bad, but pulling the motor out of one at the scrapyard was virtually impossible. I suppose if I took the window out first it would be easier. Does this sound like the window motor to you? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

M. Adams says:

Robert, good narrative, it would be helpful to see all the steps, you actually removing screws and wires. The devil is always in the execution"-"/

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