How to replace the Throttle Body Unit on MK5 VW Jetta Equipped with 2 5 L Engine

How to replace the Throttle Body Unit on MK5 VW Jetta Equipped with 2 5 L Engine

This video explains how to replace the Throttle Body Unit on MK5 VW Jetta Equipped with 2.5 L 5 Cylinder Engine. These steps are similar for other MK5’s equipped with the same Engine like Golf, GTI, Passat, Cabrio Etc.

The Throttle plate on older vehicles used to be opened and closed through a metal cable that was attached to the Accelerator Pedal and the Throttle Body Unit.
Modern cars like the Jetta Used for this video are equipped with Electronic Throttle Bodies also known as “Fly by Wire”.
The issue this Jetta was having was that during Hot Weather days, usually 100 degrees F. or higher the Throttle Body Unit would get so hot due to the increased temperatures under the hood that it would stop moving the butterfly when the driver was accelerating.
In order to get it to work again, the vehicle would have to be stopped and allowed to cool down for it to drive normally again, but only for a few minutes because the part would get hot again.
This was frustrating and not to mention dangerous during rush hour traffic.
Before replacing the Throttle Body the car would lose its acceleration at 95 Degree F, After replacing the Throttle Body I had a chance to drive the car to PHX AZ at 115 Degree F and the car didn’t have any issues.
What was interesting about this particular problem was that it never stored any trouble codes, so you may encounter this issue if you have a VW with the same problem.
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Rudy Venegas says:

What size screws did you remove?

Alfre Wancel says:

Good info! But why did he take the shirt off !! Lol.

Andy says:

So what size 6-point key is used to actually remove the throttle body? T-28? Please specify. we need to know what tools are required before attempting repairs on vehicles.

jessica rollins says:

I'm having a difficult time unplugging the sensor. I've been doing what you said to do…any ideas?

Jonathan Rivera says:

Great video! Any chance you could list the required tools?

vwivancc says:

The video should be named Ugly man replacing a throttle body!!!! lol It a joke man! Like!

Joshua Dyer says:

I have a 08 2.5 Jetta. The dealer is telling me my TPS is bad and have to replace the whole throttle body and they have to reprogram the new TPS. Is this true or could I save money and just replace the throttle body myself in my car like you did in this video without having to reprogramming the TPS. Any help would be great.

wysetech2000 says:

Very informative repair. Your helper does a nice job as well.

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