How to replace front springs / front coil springs on VW GOLF 6 (5K1) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

How to replace front springs / front coil springs on VW GOLF 6 (5K1) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

How to replace front springs / front coil springs / front suspension springs on VW GOLF 6 (5K1) 2.0 Hatchback 10.2008–11.2013 [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

Springs on VW CC (358) (11.2011-2019) / VW Passat B7 Saloon (3C, 362) (08.2010–12.2014) / SKODA Superb II Estate (3T5) (10.2009–05.2015) / SKODA Octavia II Estate (1Z5) (10.2005–06.2013) / SEAT Leon II Hatchback (1P, 1P1) (06.2007–12.2012) cars should be replaced, as a rule, according to one and the same procedure.
However, there can be slight differences due to specific features of the vehicle design.

🔝 Top brands that produce springs: RIDEX; MONROE; LESJÖFORS; SACHS; STARK.

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🛠️ The tools you need to replace front springs:
– wire brush
– WD-40 spray
– copper grease
– combination spanner No. 16
– combination spanner No. 18
– drive socket No. 13
– drive socket No. 16
– drive socket No. 18
– drive socket No. 21
– 12-point spark plug socket No.24
– HEX bit No.6
– XZN socket bit No.6
– shock absorber socket
– wheel impact socket No.17
– ratchet wrench
– torque wrench
– flat chisel
– hammer
– tap wrench
– crow bar
– hydraulic strut spring compressor
– hydraulic transmission jack
– wheel chock

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Deff 76 says:

Excellent and precise procedure, very professional oriented video, due the use of a hoist and the amount of tools needed. Very instructive though, it provides a very good picture of the assembly in question, and it might help the more daring, to DIY (maybe with less tools and more time available) without damaging anything too serious.

Massive Loop says:

Also, if you just get new top mounts you can avoid the trouble of compressing the spring to remove the stock hardware and also avoid the hassle in the event that the bearing gets worn out. If you spent a bunch of $$on a coilover set, you might as well get new hardware for the best possible result.

Massive Loop says:

A strut spreader tool makes it much easier to get the strut from the steering knuckle.

Marc Titor says:

nickel super !

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